Saturday, 17 March 2007

Fillip......Sunday Scribblings

This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt is inspiration.

As a word, it is very powerful. At least for me. When I see this word, I get ideas. To do something. Without even knowing really what. To read, to write, to draw, to create. It can be anything. Inspiration can give rise to do any task, cooking, cleaning, looking after the house; do any other routine stuff without thinking of it as a burden. To give an example; festivals inspire us to clean and decorate the house.

Sometimes observing something, inspires me to write what I like best, poetry. Inspiration can come from anything, words, nature, a person or simply from our thoughts. Major of the times, our emotions too inspire us.

Most of my stimulation for writing poetry, comes from watching people go by. Their mannerisms, their way of talking, and those small things that separate us from one another, delights me no end. The funny part is, I might not write about those but it refreshes my mind and I start to write. Most of my writings are an outlet of my creative feeling written solely for myself. But I do get instigated to write well for those who come and read and encourage me.

Love or lack of love too inspires most to write. Love in all its manifestations, can make the words come out so beautifully. Some poets thrive on love poetry, a few on rejection of it or on unrequited love.

Sometimes when nothing seems to work, when the mind refuses to function, we enthuse ourselves by giving ourselves pep talks within the mind. It works..

Last, not the least, nature is always there to motivate us with its beauty, bounty and just by being there..

Get inspired...


  1. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. I love how it can show up in so many different ways. :)

  2. gotta go look for my muse again. :)

    seriously, observing people is a good way of inspiring. you may not write about what you see now, but nevertheless it do inspire. for me, life itself inspires, the daily work, the inequalities of the system, the joys and grief, the memories,

    and your last paragraph, so right about nature. :)

  3. Love is a huge inspiration- perhaps the greatest there is... the abundance or lack of it, it doesn't matter.
    Wonderful post, Gautami...

  4. The more posts I read the more I realise life is literally full of inspiration, it seems we just need to take the time to notice it and reflect on the amazing world we live in.

  5. I do appreciate the observation of people passing by, there are so many stories out there just waiting to be seen.

    Which poets are your inspiration, if you have any? Just curious.


  6. This is a rather inspirational take on inspiration, I thought.

  7. Everyday life- I hope we can all take the time to notice all the things around us - inspiring!
    Terrific post!

  8. zandria: sometimes we forget to look.

    dsnake1: you write so well. I look forward to read more stuff from you.

    regina: Love seems to make the world go round.

    kamsin: thatis beauty of it. We inspire each other.

    gogo: Thanks. Dorothy Parker and Pablo Neruda do inspire me. Emily Dickinson follows.

    pacian: well, thanks!

    dailypanic: You post was one of the best. Thanks!

  9. A beautiful post to read, Gautami. :-)

  10. well u have inspired me each time i read your blog

  11. You're very insightful and observant, Gautami, and seem sometimes very pensive.

    YOU are an inspiration because you seem to me to be a true student of the world, taking in everything around you.

    Sorry for staying away, I've been doing that a lot lately, just a matter of time and other things...


  12. I can not tell how much your words inspires me ...there is so much love in it ...Thank you for giving me tears in my eyes


  13. excellent post, gautami.
    one can find inspiration anywhere if one cares to look...

  14. Beautiful inspirations here, Guatami. Observing the world can't help but be inspiring if we pay attention - and you certainly do!

  15. You are an inspiration......
    If you get my drift.....
    As for always finds away

  16. You know, I think this is my favourite Sunday Scribbling theme. I'm finding inspiration from so many new sources of inspiration, including yours!
    I can just imagine you sitting somewhere with your notebook in hand, observing people as they walk, skip, ride by. Just observing someone CAN provide inspiration.
    And although I have never been to India, I can only imagine how incredible the festivals must be there. For me, they would most certainly INSPIRE!

  17. You've hit the nail right on the head... love is the universal inspiration. Great post!

  18. what a gift inspiration is to all of us! what an inspiration you are!

  19. well said. so many things can inspire us.

  20. Namaste, Gautami. I agree with you and I really enjoyed reading your other blog, Doctrine Of The Bhagavadgita.

  21. Yes, nature is always there to inspire us in the absence of other motivators.

  22. Wonderful reflection on Inspiration. We are all inspired in different ways ... me too ... could be one Word ... a couple of notes of music ... someone elses poems ... it is in those times when we are most focused on whatever we are doing that the Light of Inspiration filters through.
    Beautyful post Qautami
    Hugs for you. :o)

  23. Thanks all for your comments.

    WW: Chris, you are welcome back. Thanks, buddy!

  24. You made me look at the word in a bigger way. Talented people like you keep inspiration close at hand.

  25. I like what you said about festivals inspiring: for me its holidays, the changing of the season's, birthdays, anniversaries -- anything that is cause for celebration gets me going.

  26. TAG! It's a Birthday Meme!

    1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday, month and day only.

    2. List 3 events that occurred on that day.

    3. List 2 important birthdays.

    4. List 1 death.

    5. List a holiday or observance. (if any)

    6. Tag 5 other bloggers.

  27. What you wrote about how the having AND the absence of love can both cause inspiration is very interesting. And mother nature? I agree — the supreme inspiration mistress.

  28. I love the word "inspiration" too -- it really does make me feel something. And it is wonderful how it can come seemingly from anywhere and lead to anything!
    -Laini (too lazy to log out and log back in as myself!)

  29. Your observations inspire me. A lovely post.

  30. I think you have covered everything. I can always tell with your poems and writings how inspired you were at that time.

  31. I have printed off your post and will tack it up in my office....


    enjoy an inspiring week.

  32. "Lack of love, or love too inspires us"... So true.
    It is amazing to see how my writing has shifted with the changing seasons of my love.

  33. Hi Gautami - thanks for stopping by my scribbling.
    I've given myself those little pep talks too, and they do help.
    Love the sonnet and poem.
    Your pen never stops moving does it.
    Have a glorious inspiration filled day,

  34. Nature and love or lack of is inspiring to me, too
    although I also use my imagination a lot in my writings ,even if it "seems like it's nonfiction."
    Teriffic post. Enjoyed learning more about you.

  35. I like this post. YOur example about fixing the house up for no longer feels like a chore, but an occasion. The more we can bring that into our everyday lives, the richer they become.

  36. tammy: thanks. You are not doing bad in that direction. Your posts are pleasure to read.

    kimberly, pris: festivals do make the chores interesting.

    autrice: sorry. I can't accept this tag. No time!

    kg, tori: Yes. Love can be big inspiraton...even lack of love too.

    laini: I must thank you for SS. It does inspire all of us.

    jone: thanks.

    brian: Your posts are inspiring too. You are one of the best weriters out there.

    awareness: gee, thanks! You are welcome!

    frances: My pen stopped moving as of today. Good think. Now I can relax and reply to all these comments.

    gel: I love your posts so much. You are one very good artist as well.