Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Black Vitality

smooth black surface
darker than night,
blankness for it
can only be a slight.

comes to life
when words form,
pictures stare,
curves are drawn.

yet the darkness
has soul- never sold.
as can only happen with
of blackboards.

Another attempt to write on inanimate objects, mostly on classroom materials. One of my friends has asked me to name those as stationery series. I will if I have enough poems.


  1. What an incredible life you have given to the blackboard. Very creative work! I look forward to more.

  2. with the magic of your words the inanimate objects spring to life...

  3. Back to the blackboard!

    But still beautifully done!

  4. I came here last night and wanted to comment on the kitchen post but blogger was a pain. It was a beautiful piece and you described my childhood kitchen and sometimes mine. Thanks for that fabulous piece.

    Now only you can make a blackboard interesting!

  5. This one is really nice, ami !

    I like the last bunch more...a mere blackboard yet you made it the centre of attention with your words.

  6. Never looked at a blackboard that way. Wish I'd had you as a teacher, I might've learned something in school.

  7. ahhhh, my favorite blog to read a good poem. you never disappoint...

  8. I never would have guessed blackboard. Beautiful poem.



  9. getzapped: I have already done poems on chalk, stapler and rule.

    polona: I am trying to be as good as pat.

    steve: yes, get back to the blackboard.

    ces: thanks. Your isabella story comes to life.

    jac: call me Tami not Ami! I cannot do without blackboards. I teach Maths.

    pat: I am learning from you all the time..

    kindness: you are always kind...

    rose: thanks...

  10. brings it back
    i had many black days and black thoughts while standing by blackboards
    thank you

  11. Love this ending: "yet the darkness
    has soul- never sold.
    as can only happen with
    blackest of blackboards."

    You brought the inanimate to life.

  12. inanimate objects do have life ... they do have vibration as in your words.
    great one. :o)

  13. floots: I too recall those times when I was called to the blackboard to solve maths problems.

    don: thanks. Blackboard does has a life for a teacher.

    trinitystar: yes as I said to don.

    magiceye: Yes!!