Saturday, 31 March 2007

Vortex of Pleasure

Posting this too for Sunday Scribblings' Deepest, darkest. This is another version of the same photo, I had put up in the previous post, Stranger in the Mirror. Here I put up smaller version of the picture for easy recall.

Vortex of Pleasure

in the deep recesses
of my psyche-
my ecstasy is
bursting forth;
dispelling darkness,
welcoming light.

with an inner smile;
hiding the joy
for the time being’
I relish bliss
averse to share

as of now………


Another take on Deepest, darkest on Sunday Scribblings..


  1. oh, this is a perfect complement to the previous poem... pain and joy, darkness and light and the inner response to both...
    love it!

  2. I like both poems, G. Both present such diversity of feeling.

  3. the photo and the poem compliment each other--nice job

  4. I wrote both in one sitting. I wanted to show both sides. The other one comes out stronger. But this stands alone too.

    Both stand without the photo too. I posted the photo becos it prompted these poems.

    Thanks polona, jone, sage and steve.

  5. Guatami, I read this poem and was about to comment until I read the others' comments about how the previous poem complimented this one. So I went back and read the previous poem. All I ca say is "awesome" You are a terrific poet. Amazing imagery.

  6. A wonderful sketch to the greed of anticipation.
    Blessings on you!

  7. Don't we all relish bliss. Two good poems!!

  8. both poems are good, very subtle and very personal i think.

  9. Wonderful gautami! Let it out :)

  10. ces: thanks. Both these flowed in my mind t the same time. Amazing really.

    raven: I like the words "greed of anticipation".thanks.

    pat: from you, that is praise indeed.

    ghost: now whats makes you say that?

    tammy: someday soon...

  11. I very much liked the more recent one. I suppose it speaks of desires bubbling up from deep dark places inside of us, which I often try to repress...

  12. I love this one too. It's so light and floating.

  13. good poem! almost erotic! thanks for visiting me :)

  14. i agree with polona
    good to see both sides
    thank you

  15. I like the contrast, the balance between dark and light

  16. when after darkness, there is light..

    i like the way the 2 poems complement each other. a balance of sorts. personally, i like "Stranger in the mirror" more, but maybe that's me. the last line hits hard.

    good stuff, gautami!

  17. hello, Gautami!
    what a beautiful poem you have. thank you
    have a good week

  18. Though both poems stand on their own quite well, combining them together with one another and with the photo, makes them even more powerful, I think. Well done!

  19. Nicely woven together. Sounds like a poem on Freud. Cool.

  20. gautami,

    a nice poem

    & welcome back(!)


  21. You need to share your bliss with us. I love it here. It's like watching a Star being formed in outer space...fascinating.
    I welcome your light with open arms.

  22. Dear friends, forgive me for not replying individually to all of you.

    I thank you all for liking both the poems which are, as you notice, opposites. I wanted to show that the same picture can have varied reactions. In a level, both are personal too. One part is sad, other relishes. The most important is to chose the right one. Sometimes it is not easy to do that. Sometimes time decides it for us. I leave it to time.