Monday, 19 March 2007

Journey of Ink----Deemed Sonnet

starting from nowhere, where does it end?
going on, stopping a while, resting along
saga continues, spirit being so strong-
circles, curves, squiggling at the bends,

stories are told, cut short once more, tend
to go off in a tangent, nothing goes wrong
as it has to travel miles, pausing for a song;
poised above words, jerked out; sends

signals to follow travellers, regaling anecdotes
of various stop over, amusing details retold
again and again which becomes part of lore

to be memorized; recalled akin to a side note
on the margins of a text marked muted or bold
this goes on until nothing is left of ink's valour.


Rhyming Pattern for this is abba abba cde cde


  1. I get this sense of sitting around a fire, telling of sights seen and people met. Life lived.

  2. yes indeed, agree with brian. a camp fire tale. a fable unfolding and given mouth to ear for generations to pick up and pass on.

  3. Hello!
    This work is very good. Thank you
    have nice week

  4. I like to look upon myself as not a tourist but a traveller, which is a big difference.
    Your sonnet spoke to my heart and I am copying it into my written diary.
    Thanks for leading me your way!

  5. I am amazed by poetry. I can hardly put two words together that roll softly like a poem...I admire your poetry.

  6. Nice job! You are able to use so many different forms, I'm impressed

  7. A bon fire's tales? wow nice!


  8. Not enough adjectives to describe the sensations that brought about in me.

  9. brian: I never thought quite like that while I was composing this. I was thinking from the ink's perception.

    cocaine jesus: Glad to see you here. Though I ha to brow beat you for it. You visit my gita blog, I know.

    kai, david, keshi: Thanks!

    britt: Gee, thanks. You are welcome to use it.

    tongue in cheek: Oh, you canwrite poetry. Just give it a chance.

    sage: Thanks. It is more for myself. I am learning the ropes for now. I can't write sestinas till date and one villanelleis yet to be completed since June 2005.

    steve: Thanks buddy!

  10. time out from my journey
    to join you on yours
    thank you for this piece of calm thought

  11. Ah, one of my favorite forms. You did a nice job with it so no more saying you can't sonnets. Good work!

  12. Serious but serene !
    Drifted in, nice to visit you.

  13. This would be a beauty read aloud!

  14. Good rhyming technique ... wish I had some kind of form ...

    great story teller
    hugs for you.

  15. Thanks all!

    Russell, I am writing sonnets but can't complete my villanelle. So frustrating. There are other forms that I need to learn too. That is only way I can discipline my wavering mind. Writing structured poetry does give me directions when I most need it. Btw, you are one of my inspirations.

  16. wow, you're good at whatever form you choose.
    enjoyed this one

  17. polona, sometimes my inner demons drive me to write!