Thursday, 8 June 2006

Worst of the worst writer

Worst of the worst writers, that’s me
as no one even bothers to read
Whatever I post on S and C

What kind of writing really leads?
As I myself have failed to comprehend
Why should anyone care, if my heart bleeds

On these, I have tried my hands
Fifty-fivers, lunes and/or cinquains
Not a single trace, nowhere they stand

Not for me long-winded explanations
Nor produced chef-d'oeuvre of literary kind
Neither did any kind of impersonations

Social issues are mostly in my mind
Something compels me to pen those
How can I ignore and put those behind

Someone shed light, what prose
or poetry do I write? To go with flow
I never tow the line. In compose

mode, whose trumpet do I blow?
Getting across my thoughts is my goal
Does use of difficult words make one glow?

Simplistic writing I thought, touched the soul.
As usual I was wrong assuming it all
Nutcase that I am, never saw loopholes

I enumerated my weak points, now ready to fall
After taking home the worst writer’s crown,
I will paint the town red and have a ball!

Wrote this for Why I am the worst writer Exercise thread on S&C


  1. U not werstus riter,
    me weigh more werst den u.
    gud poim bout woo iz de werst riter.

  2. I like this.
    Poetry is also about being honest...

  3. I am doomed! I wanted to get worst writer's crown. It seems I can't even manage that.............:(

    Thanks but no thanks, homo, mahfuuz and ghost...:(((((((((

  4. Indeed...write from where your heart bleeds...

    Mahfuzz is right about poetry being about being honest. Nice way to put it.

  5. wow.. what a narration. splending.

  6. You are the worst writer, you are a nut case, what else ? hop on board Gautami, you are in good company, we need a queen who is wearing some kind of a crown.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Gautami.

  7. I am brutally honest at times, one likes methen. Not that I care much.

    Thanks Gangadhar, do visit again.

    Thanks rauf,first let me have the crown!