Monday, 19 June 2006

More than just education

Entering the portals of my old school
What did I see, what did I really observe
The children’s sense of learning still rules
They accept education without reserve

In school, we learn to read and write
Here the life’s skills too are taught
Interpersonal relations are given light
Knowledge here can never be bought

Those shape us for the world and life
Laying stress on communication skills
Coping with tensions, emotions & strife
Interlocked this with adventure & thrills

School is not just books and information
It is the first step to handle all situations


  1. beautiful blog and poem. thanks for stopping by mine. where are you in india? peace, ananda

  2. how I miss my school!


  3. School is 50% socialisation. The reason that so many of us miss it so is due to the fact that it is our last real sense of having a community of peers. A microcosm of the real world. A trial run, dress rehearsal. Aaaah. I miss it too.

    PS Those Leopard seals are REAL!

  4. Thank God for teachers like you, Gautami. Blessings to all the world's teachers.

  5. Thanks Ananda! Do visit again.

    Keshi, I still go to school as a teacher..:)

    :) homo, I know the SEALS are real!

    Thanks Don, I love to teach!