Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Great warrior that he was, conquered lands
He feared nothing, bravest of them all
Be it mountains, seas or hot desert sands
On the forefront of battles, always on call

Restless spirit that he was, roamed the world
Nothing held him long or tied him down
Conventions were not for him, neither a mold
No wishes for laurels or any kind of crown

But woe betide what went so very wrong
What made him so ill, confining him to bed?
He was in sanatorium, with dose so strong
As he couldn’t eat, with pipes he was being fed

Soon he passed away with no one there
For one so bold and courageous, was it fair?

Another sonnet----Shakespearean one!


  1. unwept unhonored? no unsung yes.. its sad..

  2. Not much is fair, that much is for sure. Life doesn't seem to know about this concept.

    Too bad people still haven't learned to put it into practice. Theoretically, we could...

  3. Hiya gautami...

    Wow, what a fall from grace for your subject, it made me think of people I've known in my life who seemed to be on top of the world, so strong, with unlimited potential...who just out of the blue fell to earth and died, either literally or figuratively.

    A moving piece that stirred me, nicely written, with power...

    And in response to you, of course you're welcome to tune into Spaceship Orion anytime!

    (Heat wave in Delhi is probably just a LITTLE more extreme than mid-Canada...what kinds of temps we talking?

  4. bold or not, we all die alone...


  5. Gautami,

    I do believe your spirit yet lingers in another time--one not so far distant, yet one emphatically poetic, where even the slighest rustle of the leaves in the wind is heard.

  6. Unsung
    ....thats life, I guess!

    But life is practical and one has to get on...

    within, without:
    People fall from grace when they get out of sight. Human memory is short lived. We forget and move on to next.
    Thanks I will take on your offer!

    The temperature here is 42+ Deg Celsius!

    True! Even we live alone!

    How can you read my spirit so well?