Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Busy Bee!

He is always so busy
From morning to night
Driving us all tizzy
With antics so bright

Not he a doctor
Not an ironsmith
Neither is an engineer
Nor any merchant’s kith

What makes him engage?
What pushes him so?
Though he is no savage
Something makes him go

Despite his hyperactivity
He is so lovable
Always with a ditty
He turns the table

What else can he be?
He is only nine
Always full of glee
This nephew of mine

My nine year old nephew, Amlaan, insisted, I write a poem about him. So here it is…it describes him to a T!


  1. Ignorance is bliss.
    If only we could retain our childhood zest for life and didn't have to discover (UGH!) how hard and bewildering adults make our world.

  2. It's a pleasure to meet your nephew in verse, Gautami! :)

  3. What a simply beautiful picture you have painted of the young man. Really nice poetry, Gautami!

  4. awww lil busy body ha? so sweet!


  5. Yes, Homo, I agree but we cannot hold on to time. Thatsthe only permanence in our life...

    Thanks Mike, I will tell him you said that..:)

    Your words mean lot, Don!

    Yes he is, Keshi. At times he drives us nuts!

  6. So lovely to be able to write a poem about ones nephew.

  7. Thank you my sweet aunt.
    Love you very much