Thursday, 15 June 2006

Thoughts about fast-paced life and drugs

Wrote this after someone high-profile almost died of overdose of cocaine or was it heroin...They have had drinks too. His friend died. He blamed it on the friend for acquiring the drugs...He had everything going...why did he need drugs? As he is high-profile, he might get scot-free. It wasn't the first time, he had taken those drugs..

Why have we all come to this state?
What is it that driving us to drugs or so?
Thin line between friend and foe
Do we then blame it all on fate?
Will that redeem us in anyway?
Maybe it will pull us into its vortex
Where it will it all lead difficult to say
Shall we let loose our guards; be lax?

Why these thoughts come into mind?
Never giving us a moment of peace
Will we ever be free, destiny be kind?
All these confusion will they ever cease?

With positive outlook we need not be sad
With faith, we can look so much ahead!

Another Sonnet! For someone who couldn't write one a while back, I am not doing too bad!


  1. I would argue that it is precisely because he "had everything going for him" that the drugs became a part of his life.

    When we say someone has "everything going for him" we often mean they have achieved "star status", which your acquaintance apparently reached.

    But when people become elevated above the rest of us in this "Hollywood/Bollywood" society that we seem to need to sustain, they become unlike longer real.

    So drugs and everything else become a part of the daily game that we're exposed to. And they realize that they're no longer like us, but it's too much to take, we're not wired for that.

    Drugs of any kind numb the system. And numbing the system is what more and more people are finding necessary to cope...

  2. Drugs is a form of escape from depression. Depression comes from vaious life probs. Some ppl dun even know they r in depression.


  3. Hi Gautami,
    I too wonder why..and then probably life gets too easy for need to earn a living, be worthy to have a balanced life..

    I went through your poems and they are interesting and thought-provoking..
    Thank you so much for visiting me...and your right definition of Haiku..I just learnt something new from you..
    best wishes!

  4. Gautami,

    I like what you're doing with your poetry. Really nice!

    As to the questions you raise, you already know the answers. We enslave yourselves to what hushes the pain; however short-lived that relief may be.

  5. Hey Guatami! GOOD JOB WITH THE SONNET! They aren't easy to write. It's hard to keep your thoughts and make the words fit into a structured form. But you did it!

  6. I m having a tribute for Gulnaz ( I hope you can visit and spread the chain in tribute of Gulnaz

  7. Great work on these sonnets, Gautami! You're inspiring me to want to try my hand at more work in classical forms. Try a villanelle if you get really bored. :)

  8. and he was a pilot in Jet I am flying a piper cherokee and I dont do drugs.

    Good stuff with all these sonnets...I cant seem to think of anything more than three lines.

  9. I'm really stupid about drugs. Also cigarettes. And over use of alcohol.

    When I was a little kid, I heard this stuff was bad for your brain and body. Since I had a body and a brain, I wasn't interested.

    I really never got it - why people do this. There's other things in life like that for me. Very common, but I don't get it. Like bigotry. I know it's real, but it's so far from anything I've ever felt, that I only believe it exists because the evidence is undeniable.

    But otherwise, if I'd just landed here from another planet, I'd be going, "Oh yeah, right," to my Martian friends. "Human life-forms hate other human life forms because of skin color differences or because they think an all-good, all powerful Being named God wants them to? Sure, pal..."

    I don't mean at all that I've been all-good all the time myself; just that the classic sins and vices have pretty much eluded me. Intellectually I understand them, but not at a gut level.

    Same goes for George Bush as president of the US. I almost can't believe this can possibly be true...

  10. good writeup. Drugs, the vice of the ages. There is no solution for this I guess.

  11. Within, without/keshi: Why do we need to rationalise drug abuse or the abuse of our bodies?

    Why is numbing necessary? Living life should give us all the high we need not some stupid drugs!

    Abhay: thanks! we learn something new everyday of our life!

    Yes Don, we all know the answers for that. But still I needed to ask. Thanks Don, you are very encouraging!
    I write about all those issues I feel so strongly.

    Thanks pepektheassasin, I used to thingk I can never write a sonnet ever. One dy I sat down and wrote three!

    Thanks Mike, try one! I wrotea villanelle sometime back. Yet to refine it and post! They are killers!

    Manoj:Good to see you here after so long.

    Darius: I agree with you in all entirity. I was never tempted to try drugs. Even wehen I was down in the dumps. I love my body too much to abuse it. Call it narcicism or whatever. Our bodies are the most beautiful creations on Earth. Why destroy that!

    Ghost, we have the solution in our hands. Say no to drugs, always!

  12. Score Goals not Drugs!
    Since the dawn of time some humans have been enamored with mood altering stimulants and depressants. Whether it was from accidentally chewing on a plant or standing next to a burning plant, humans have enjoyed escaping reality.
    The percentage of the population that is genetically predisposed to getting high has probably changed little in millenia. What changes is the acceptable drug list.
    One of the scariest things is the advent of designer drugs that are becoming easier for young people to get their hands on. As a society we here in North America need to take an honest look at the root causes of addiction and experimentation. It needs to be addressed as a Medical problem and less of a Criminal problem. We have a long way to go.