Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Why do we really have to know?

Do you have to?
Do I have to?

Why do you?
Why do I?

Why should you?
Why should?

Why do we really have to know?

Why this need?
What's the compulsion?

Let me be me
You be you

We will explore as
We get along!


Posting this in response to the post here by Jeff "Who Do We Know Really?"


  1. cogito ergo sum,
    don't put DesCartes before des horse...ouch!

    This 3 pound organ lodged between our ears is a meddlesome nuisance isn't it?
    Many people, most of them very happy, are quite content to only use it in the instance of extreme emergency.

    Ignorance is bliss but it's like being monochromatic in a rainbow world.
    write on...

  2. yes Descartes it is troubled man... someone introduce him to Eugen Rosenstock Huessey ... respondeo etsi mutabor...


  3. Your poem put me in mind of that compulsive need to be right, to have the last word, that I think everyone experiences.

  4. I think the last line answers all the whys. Very good!!

  5. Thanks Homo, Jeff, Darius,Pat and ghost. Your visits and comments make it all worthwhile!

    Different thoughts, varied perceptions always welcome!