Monday, 22 May 2006

Secret Rendezvous-----Comic Erotica

What a pretty site
after a long drive
All week long
she had been anticipating
tryst with her lover

Her husband had left town,
So she was here
Looking ahead
At her love nest
Waiting for her lover

Quaint little cottage
amidst the countryside
Belonged to her
husband was unaware

She undressed slowly,
climbed the four poster
Disarrayed she lay there
impatient for him

Finally it was over
She heard his car,
closing her eyes
Got under the covers

He climbed up the stairs
opened the bedroom door
Taking off his clothes
Got in there with her

Slowly touching her
Slowly biting her
His hands all over
His lips exploring

She went wild
Her moans said as much
He was on the edge
Trying to slowdown

He tightened his hold
Heightening her senses
Both lost control
Going over the edge


The old four-poster
Couldn’t take it anymore
Quite suddenly
it gave up under
their resonating rhythm

Instead of a
love-filled weekend,
Both were in hospital
with broken limbs
shattered egos!


Next part follows….

What happens after hubby returns?

Come after a break!

Wrote this for a writing exercise. I know it needs re-writing. Will I ever get to that. Lets see!


  1. You had me going. Good stuff.

  2. That was a good one lady! :)

  3. Absolutely riveting!!!! Waiting for"the rest of the story".

  4. lol! Thanks! Part 2 will follow soon!
    Wait and watch!