Monday, 15 May 2006

Bizarre Experiences......

I have had my share of experiences, some very vivid, some truly bizarre.... I do have such experiences very frequently which are so uncanny that I do not how to interpret until those happen. Minor ones keep happening.

Narrating only a few...………….which had some kind of major impact.

While I was getting my degree in education (1990), we had a chemistry teacher whom we all, kind of detested. He was very rude and sarcastic to boot. One day (March 1990) all of us wished he should go on a long leave. That night I had a dream, he was dead and I woke up scared. And next morning when we reached college, we heard he had died. I was upset for a long time afterwards.


I started out as a teacher in a school under the Delhi Administration. My first posting was in school in a resettlement colony in South Delhi (Dr Ambedkar Nagar). It was Dec 1992, and suddenly in the middle of teaching, I felt uneasy and asked the girls to get up and go out in the sun. They were surprised but did as I said. As soon as we left the class, one of the ceiling fans came crashing down.


Just before a major train collision in India (Aug 95), I had seen it happening in vivid detail a week before.... with all gory details..... and lots of deaths. It happened on 20 August 1995. Delhi bound Purushottam express collided with Kalindi express in Firozabad. More than 450 people died.

I had gone shopping with my friends in Karol Bagh (26 Oct 1997). We entered Roshan Di Kulfi, a very famous Kulfi Falooda shop in there. It was crowded but we managed to get a table. I had a vision of a blast and got up and forced my friends to come out with me. When we reached home we heard about the blast. Many died.


I was in Mumbai. We had gone to the Juhu beach. It was 25 Dec 2004. The place was very crowded and filthy as always. We were standing there watching the sea. I saw the sea rise so much above and asked my brother if he had seen anything. He had not. The sea was calm. Next day we heard about the Tsunami.


And the most recent one happened seven months back (13 Oct, 2005), when I visualised my car badly damaged in an accident, and no one hurt. And couple of days later (15th Oct, 2005), it happened exactly the way I had visualized it. I and my nephew were unhurt. But my car was very badly damaged. And it was in the workshop for more than a month. Now I am too scared to drive again.

How do I explain all these?

I had posted this on my other blog. Putting it here again for wider audience!


  1. Could have any number of explanations I think. Maybe some could be explained one way and others another.

    Maybe you're highly aware and observant at an unconscious level that doesn't always reach your conscious mind.

    Maybe it's possible to predict the future to some extent.

    Maybe there's a tendency to remember those premonitions that turn out right and forget all the ones that turn out wrong; so coicidence could be involved to some degree. At least speaking personally, I've had plently of senses of foreboding or expectation that I know ended up amounting to nothing, but it's hard to even remember one of them in particular, because if nothing ends up happening, you just forget about it.

  2. I am trying to work out whether to feel for you in the shock of finding out you were right, or to have a beaming smile because your subconscious or superconscious or guide allowed you such lovely gifts - one to take the sting out of the news about your teacher - to deal the shock out in two chunks, then to save your life.
    Wow. Blessed!

  3. darius:Hmm. I suppose some of what you say are right.The things which happen we remember and forget the rest.
    But I do not claim to predict the future. I get only flashes.

  4. Oh Cheryl, most say its a gift! But I get scared too. Something good happening makes me happy. Others make me said. But I cannot will it away or will anything.

    Thanks for the visit and the comments.

  5. Gautami,

    You're wired for a deeper level of connectivity. It's evident in your writing, your face, and your presence, even from a distance.

    It can be important gift and blessing, and it can also be frightening.

    Understand this gift. It works through you; not you through it.

    I am studying Consciousness Studies at the University of Philosophical Research (UPR), which is based in LA, California. Take a look at the program online. This is the sort of thing we are schooled in. UPR:



  6. This the first time I read this in here, I agree with Don as it is a gift of God, it up to you how you channel it