Monday, 8 May 2006


As mundane a body function
A knee-jerk action

Mind has no control
Mouth just rolls

Sleep or heat
Or just boredom

What’s so offensive?
About a reflex action?

Why the revulsion
No less than uproar

Suppose that’s
why it is called:

Pronunciation: bæ-trê-kê-mai-om-ê-ki

Part of Speech: Noun, mass

Meaning: A tempest in a teacup, a mountain made of a molehill, making a federal case of a minor issue.

Interesting! I was just surfing the net and came across this word. Looking it up, I found it kind of explains what has been going at a network where I write and post! Words fell into place and what you see here is a semblance of poem. Maybe, verse!

I reacted the way I felt. No reason to feel offended. Why do I have to comform? Why do I have to tow the line? Just becos majority think alike does that necessarily make the thought better? If a writing forum is filled by posts of fictitious people and are encouraged to do so by a few others, then it does not augur well for the network. Humour is humour only upto a point. Carrying it too far makes it unfunny! If I show my boredom, I am considered rude. To be rude, was never my intention. To show my boredom was. I was bored...Well, I could have ignored but I did not. So? Is that a crime? A lone voice of dissent and few starts behaving boorishly. Few who participated in that post. Those who used to post regularly and great work too, have kind of disappeared. The forum seems to have been taken over a single person posting in the name of 4-5 others. If the moderator can't see it then its not my place to tell her/him so. Thats about it. Batrachomyomachy!! I might be suffering from this state too! Works either way, girl! Try holding your tongue, you Aries female!(This me talking to myself!!!)


  1. Hi!
    I learnt a new word today !!
    "Batrachomyomachy" Now learning to pronounce it ;)
    I liked your blog :) Here the first time, but I think I will keep coming back.
    Cheers !

  2. Lovely, O master of the Dark Arts, lady with the steely look!
    It's no mean task to take up unwieldy words and dissolve them like lumps of rocksalt into a heady drink... this is just perfect, what's more you took up my challenge and here I am feeling sheepish...

  3. Thanks Suniti!Welcome! I like your blog too.

    Yes do keep coming back!

    pat: thanks! Welcome!

    max: I wrote it before your challenge! Working out more such stuff. Its not easy! Welcome! Keep visiting!