Tuesday, 16 May 2006

For my mom---revised version

I wrote a few lines on mothers' day. Posted it on a network too. Rewriting it, I think it is kind of complete now. I changed it to present tense. My mom is still the same as she was before. She is still the loving, caring, nurturing person that she was when we were kids. At that time she wiped our tears withour our asking. Now she lets us deal with it ourselves but is there when we need her. She has always given us enough space. Mom, I love you though I might not tell you very often!

FOR MY MOM..................

I know for sure I have been bad
At times I made you so sad

You are there to hold my hand
Even when it feels time slips like sand

You love has always transcended all
You make me rise despite my fall

With your words always so sweet
You never let me feel deadbeat

Whenever I feel in the abyss
You are always there with a kiss

Your very presence soothes me so
To your dauntless spirit I do bow!


  1. Hey nice one! Yeah I wish we could tell our mothers more often how much we love them! Surprisingly we dont. And to your prev post about the bizzare incidents, i guess you have a strong intution. the sixth sense.

  2. I agree grey, we should. But in this rat race we forget to say that to our parents.

    Yes, I got stong intuitions. At times too strong.

    Thanks for the visit. Keep coming!