Friday, 19 May 2006

Love of my life!

We fight, we bite
we kiss, we make up
my muse!


  1. Making up is sweet ooh lala.

    Why is that we constantly set off the trip wires that our lovers set up.

    Those trip wires are so obvious, but sometimes we just walk right up to them and kick them!
    We're like monkeys unable to release our grip on the banana in the jar.

    If we would let go we could finally eat the damn thing.

  2. I have such a lover. At the moment she is out of my life. However, if past experience proves true, she’ll be back.

  3. the love of my life has been gone for so long ...

    wherefore Beatrice this false silver star, oh how i do remember what it was to be in love ::sniff:: :(


  4. Need love is a muse in itself. is it not?

  5. thanks homo,ghost,jeff, ssn and don.

    its difficult when my lover plays hide and seek. i know he loves me but still he does that at times.