Friday, 25 November 2005

Why do I write?

When thoughts form in my mind, I write poetry.
There is an inner compulsion to do that.
When I am emotional, it all pours out in the shape of words.
At times, too raw, just gushing out.

Sometimes, I write without thinking
Mostly when I think, I am unable to write.
By my writing, I let out my feelings, emotions, thoughts, views, and opinions.

Writing brings peace to the core of my heart.
It gets me nearer to my creator.
It makes me in commune with nature.


  1. ya this writing stuf is abt expressin ur feelings .. and ur thoughts. Its a nice platform i guess. And ones sad everything comeso ut so beautifuly on form of words ..

    and yes read tht link .... very touching story .. god is not kind to evryone :(

  2. Lovely and adorable words... I know that it has just come from ur heart spontaneously.

  3. gautami,
    I think are very very happy at the moment - talking right from your heart!

    Stay like that...

  4. anuj: writing gives vent to whatever is within us....and creativity too!

    thanks for reading that link...can you please passs it around?

    susubala: Thanks! It has!

    just a human: Very perseptive...:) Yeah, I am very happy at the moment. I will try...Thanks friend!