Saturday, 19 November 2005

Who Did That?........Flash Fiction.......

It was well past midnight. All roads led to the Fort. The very same place, which was deserted at night, was teamed with life and bright lights. Media and security forces were having a field day. The orange yellow light gave out an eerie feeling. No trace of any debris or the perfect circle cut from the wall. No one heard any noise of cutting tools either. Everyone speculated who put such a neat hole on the top of the wall of the ancient fort!

Any explanations?


  1. Two tiny glints of flame decided to change the way they were noticed by the world. They found a wall strong enough, found a chisle sharp enough, skills of their imagination helped to finish it without any trace. In dark of the night - as the time was right - they worked till midnight. And today see - everyone is wondering, admiring and flabbergasted.

    Story does not end here - every wall which is good enough will witness the same perfect circle cut out - it is only only time that it takes.

  2. I will look forward to more of that story..:)

  3. Part 2
    The act of veiled art and the recurring events of Flash created oddity among natives.

    Search teams have been sent, traps premeditated and everyone is dreadfully waiting for the undisclosed artists.
    End of Part 2

    Next episode - what is the trap and how it works also who gets caught... don't miss it!

  4. Invisible silken threads have been criss-crossed from the roof to the floor, very tensile........

    All waiting with abated breath for some sort of action......


    Wait for more of it........:)