Monday, 28 November 2005

Beyond her............55 words story.....

She looked at the tranquil sea from the balcony of her apartment, softly playing her guitar.

“Ruhani, get on with your studies. Your friends are doing very well and all you ever do is to sit there and strum your guitar.”

She stopped playing and emptying her mind of all thoughts, she jumped down.


  1. Gautami hiee :).. ur comment at my blog led me to urz ... this is the first post I read and it shocked the words off me was so.. direct..straight hits u ...AMAZIN !!

  2. Thanks reflects the anguish of our young generation who are in so much preesure to acieve....

  3. Thts sad too.. but there r alternate ways..always. Plz try to write not so sad story next time. :)

  4. Yes there are, nayan. One of my colleagues daughter committed suicide as she could not cope up with her medical studies. Hence this outpouring....

    I am teacher..I am deeply anguished when parents have too much expectations and kids are unable to cope. At an age, when one is just starting out, its not easy to see alternate ways...

    I am always for my students...making them see a world beyond good academic scores....

  5. That is really sad. Wish they got more understanding and love than studies.
    I understand for kids being unable to think better ways.. people should be more considerate about their kids and that wud help a loott!

    You are a nice person.. :)
    Keep helping them.. they just need to be understood.

  6. very haunting ! All parents should be made to read this one !

  7. I simply loved this. I think she had her victory.

  8. Nayan & Kiran: All parents and teachers need to understand children. Only then we can have better childhood for kids.

    Anon: She had victory but at what cost? Death!

  9. Death was what she wanted.