Thursday, 24 November 2005

Inner Voice

The little voice within me
Does not let me sway
When I go astray
Its gets me back on my way


  1. ANother KISS but deep one too !
    KEep up ~~ will cek it out wen i am back

  2. hey nice words .. to say a lot.
    Whenever ur on the worng foot .. something inside warns u .. thts not ur domain get out of here .. and brings u back to ur own world.

    nice words.

    And happy thanksgiving to u aswell.

  3. A simple yet meaningful one...

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. sometimes that "little voice" becomes a shout..ever felt that :-)

  5. yes, Conscience turns tyrant whenever passions goes astray.

  6. may the voice within never sway
    and guides one back, right on the way!

    Nice one Gautami! :)

  7. Thanks D, you are welcome!

    You too anuj,and yes, our inner voice tries to get us on the right track!

    Ghost particle: Simplicity should say it all!

    Zypsy: the shout is what that keeps on the right path!

    Johney: Yup!

    Blue Athena: Your words mean a lot! Thanks.