Saturday, 26 November 2005

Another 55 words story......

“No office today?”

“Getting up.”

He couldn’t let her know today

Wearily he got up and found his breakfast served.

“I have to go early.” Saying this she left for her office.

He nodded his head and as soon as she left, he went back to bed.

He had been thrown out of his job.


  1. Ahh! The undercurrent's very palpable Gautami. Poignant. :)

  2. how simply u wrote it ..... nice . And its a dificult time realyy .. if one goes through it .. realy hard. Nice story .

  3. Are you practicing for some 55 words story cometition? Most of the posts here currently look like that! :p

  4. Thanks are being kind!

    Thanks anuj, simply told stories are read and remembered.

    Yes nayan, I am trying my hands at 55 word stories. Short stories are difficult to write as they have to convey a lot is as little words! No competition though.

  5. Nice story..n simply put..n nice poem u posted on mine:)

  6. I mean Gautami - how else can somebody write on this. Impressive, paramount - this is good stuff, are you documenting this? You can actually publish commercially someday. You entire collection - really creative writing.


  7. Thanks j a h,I am really very new to writing. So have not given much thought to publishing. Maybe I should start by sending those to magazines etc...

    Thanks for the encouragement...friend..


  8. The brevity of the piece does not take away the depth conveyed in this piece.

  9. I thought you weren't updating your blog until I took a closer look. You have a compilation of 55 worders here...!

    For this one, I say I feel sorry for the guy. How does he do it? Everyday...!

  10. Thanks Jackal,

    I feel we can fit in too much in too little.

    Thanks f f,

    I have been and will continue to update my blog.