Wednesday, 2 February 2011

dead woman and her treasures

dead woman slept on a ground laden with read dust, abrasive to touch
abrasiveness smoothens her roughness, although she was least bothered
dead woman had a handful of belongings, one of which was a silken scarf
where did she pick it up, finely weaved silken shawl?
our dead woman, she lifted the stack of letters from the ancient chest
those letters collected over the years, none opened as yet.
dead woman opened one of those, letting lose those words
flying words had been goaled in the letter, wishing for freedom
dead woman threw some coins after the words, 
those coins which had weighed her down over the years
dead woman's loss was more than any could fathom
how does anyone know what a dead person's life is?

"a coin with no visage, I give to that dead woman, but where is she?"


Nothing like Dead Man's Poetry to make the poetic muse come alive....


  1. We can only have given us some wonderful clues and images to imagine how she lives..haunting as ever..Jae

  2. She must have gone to find one who is truly alive and living better than her.. well she may find one..
    Very intense poem, this!!

  3. Sometimes she is deep inside every woman........

  4. This makes one think hard about this woman. Dark and intense, yet also inspiring.

  5. Sounds like she finally got her freedom...poor woman...

  6. Gautami! Your Dead Woman poems continue to become more fully alive with each writing. She lives inside all of us who embrace loss as a means to finding the next good thing.

    Lovely take on 3WW.

    Peace, Amy

  7. Cast out so she is dead to the world and now she discards what little she has that tied her to the past. That must have been so hard for her. However it does give her chance to start again, doesn't it? I certainly hope so.

    Really powerful writing.

  8. I didn't realize this was part of a series - I'll have to go check the rest out. I was wondering if the dead woman was a friend or stranger. Perhaps I'll find out when I find the others.

  9. The images of this piece are very powerful, making it visual as well as well written.


  10. Wow, a lot to think about here.

  11. The coins she tosses out after the words, reminded me of that old practice of placing coins on the eyes of a corpse to weigh them down so they will remain shut. You turn that around here, she tosses them after what has weighted her down, keeping her immovable, as well as unseeing. Fantastic write, and glad to see you are still as intrigued as I am,


  12. This is a very intriguing piece. The imagery is lovely. I'll be thinking on this one for some time. Well done. Kat

  13. well all die with our secrets ... wonderful piece!


  14. I was really impressed with the quality of this writing.

    It feels like something that should be included in an anthology.

    Really excellent visualization and flow.

    I enjoyed the intensity you conveyed here.

    Thank you for linking.

  15. Imagery is very thought provoking and disturbing at the same time...very good !!!

  16. I think this poem is impressive and beautiful, but I cannot say that I really understand it.

    I guess it is this mysterious quality to art that keeps us guessing and keeps us interested.

    Wonderful post!
    Best wishes,
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