Tuesday, 22 February 2011

captured memories

brother, I hold the empty bottle while you look afar
but I will look at you and the camera too
he needs to make memories, so do we.
you look not at him or me yet stand there for us
you might look forced but it isn't so
I engulf you, and that too you know
when we have found our chosen path
we will look back at this.
his proud face, he capturing us in the photo, this moment
for you and me to cherish, for him to hold.

"I will spin the bottle, make it timeless"


I dedicate this poem to all three who are alluded to.....here. Especially the one who captured the images....for us to see...


  1. A lovely flow of feelings.. God bless!!!

  2. So , you play spin the bottle in your country too? :)

    I do like photo memories.


  3. ha. played a few games of that in my day...

  4. I really like those last lines, suggesting as they do the third party's exclusion yet unwillingness to let go.

  5. bless the soul that invented the camera!!
    "for you and me to cherish, for him to hold." -- that really spoke oodles! I think I have to run back to some of 'em old albums RIGHT NOW..

    Thanks for this memory-filled share, Gautami..

  6. Fantastic Gautami and I love the
    last two lines.


  7. I see this from the fourth perspective. The man behind the camera, behind the camera, to paraphrase Mr. Chuck Palahniuk's "Haunted."

  8. Interesting and tantalizing arrangement of symbols and images, with all the space in the world to interpret them.

  9. something to chew on awhile...love that.

    thanks for stopping by my place...appreciated that.


  10. a poem that eats like a meal :-)

    Peace, hp

    thank you for stopping by

  11. yes - we need to make memories..and we played this game as well..smiles..

  12. I can see the situation unfold as I read your poem. I can feel the compassion as well... Well said.

  13. So many memories are preserved in photographs. Nice to look back at them and remember not only the scene but the feelings behind the scene.

  14. Dear Gautami

    its so beautiful.. I enjoyed reading your words... lovely.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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  15. I liked how you personified the camera and made him living instead of just a cold observer. Funny how even photographs can become safe places.


  16. Playing "Spin The Bottle" eh?
    (Ah, youth!)

    Nice One Shot, Gautami!

  17. I think you mentioned on WWP that you had photos in mind for this, but it was a pleasant surprise that it was about the action of photos and capturing moments themselves, rather than a single photo. That really brought it to life.

  18. Reminds me of the snapshots in my shoebox. Quite a few from the side, pictures of someone taking a photo of a group.

  19. Photos are wonderfully evocative and this poem therefore doubly so..well written :)

  20. well done...nicely written Gautami.....and as usual loved reading and taking in your words

  21. delightful way to capture the simple lovely pleasure of taking an photo...beautiful...bkm

  22. Lov the image of the spinning bottle!