Saturday, 20 September 2008

written request

veiled from prying eyes,
I try to code my words
in a hidden message
extending it only to those
who like to review life
through novels,
poetry, short stories
being but only a part of it
reading between the lines
you can reach the comfy room
explore my books
and sit down for a chat
long and short of it being
where we share
coffee or tea
whichever your choice be

"won't you accept this invitation
to solemnly visit another aspect of me?"


Of course, as you know, here I invite you to visit my book blog, Reading Room. This is not one of my best poetry works but I can write bad ones, once in a while, can't I?! Even Keats wrote bad ones!


  1. Nice one. I'm sure most of us who write will identify with the poet. We often tend to reveal a lot more about ourselves in our writing than we do otherwise. I personally am an introvert which is probably why I initially took to writing.

  2. I'm the same as akshaya..I think I reveal more of me in writing than anywhere else

  3. I agree with akshaya and confused. Nice write up.

  4. I think that's what I love most about writing, and for that matter photography. It allows me to explore and share aspects of my own psyche which don't normally leap to the surface.

    Nice one Gautami.

  5. I liked it. And I will take you up on your invitation with my coffee, In about 12 hours or so thank you:).Backreading...

  6. Your poem makes me think about how we can review ourselves/our lives through the eyes and experiences (real or make believe) of others.

  7. Actually, I like it. Maybe because I relate well to it.

  8. Many thanks for the kind invitation Gautami, I've had a quick look over there and I'll be back with something a little bit stronger than tea. Perhaps I'll break out another bottle of wine from the virtual vine.

    Would you care to join me?

  9. I'll be there! Nice invitation...

  10. Liked the poem and the invitation. Visited for a bit. Will have to come back when I have more time to read!

  11. hehe, i'll have to take that invitation :)