Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How groovy can you get?

Do you find yourself moving too fast through life? What’s your favorite way to moodle and make the mornin’ last? How does slowing down affect your creativity?

Thinking about moving too fast through life right now seems funny. My life seems to be in a standtill. It was not my intention but it slowed down all by itself. I am going through a phase when I simply don't wish to do anything. At times, I feel guilt about the fact, fully well knowing I don't have any reason to feel that way. I am unable to find anything to nourish it with and make it productive again.

Speaking of mornings, I got school from 7 a.m. Hence I can't afford to moodle. I just rush through it and once I am in school, nothing can come between me and my school work. No one can intervene it. Teaching is no cakewalk, believe me.

Slowing down affects my creativity. I can't seem to function. Faster moving thoughts help me write. Slower ones curb it. How do I say it? My mind can't meander through slowly. It shuts itself down. Like it has done for sometime now. I hate it yet I can't do a thing about it. Slowing down by my brain seems to be deliberate somehow. Maybe this is how brain copes with emotional upheavals. I know I will rejuvenate myself and come up on tops. But when?

And how do YOU cope?


  1. The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.
    C.S. Lewis


  2. life requires a certain speed of us. much faster now unfortunately, given the pace of the world. but we need to stop or slow down every once in a while, else we just rush to our end.

  3. "Slow down, you're going to fast, got to make the morning last..."

    Like you, I write best when things are crazy, but I also need time when I slow down, when I withdrawl, which is why I enjoy wilderness travel.

  4. Maybe it it the time or the space, but I find myself at a standstill as well. However, I did manage last night - in a fit of lost sleep - to write several ideas down in my nightstand notebook. One I fleshed out for 3WW, one I will use for a Six Sentences contribution.

  5. I find the opposite, here. It was coming down with cfs, and the massive slow down involved, that released my creativity.

  6. You and I are perhaps alike in that the more we have on our plate, the more we can get done. Now that I think of it, part of today's topic is all about knowing thyself, right? All of us are wired differently and understanding what works is part of the creative breakthrough.



  7. For sure. I seem to moodle...mostly. And wait for something bigger and better. Grin. Good post!

  8. Good energy definitely comes from being productive and busy doing things that are fulfilling. It's hard when nothing seems to provide those uplifting feelings :)

    Sending you good vibrations!

  9. Oh, my. I was so relieved to see your post, because, as I said at Becca's page, I haven't been able to write at all since Hurricane Ike. It's as though I've come to a complete stop. So, knowing that someone else is experiencing the "slowing down" is helpful. It makes me feel better - and maybe feeling better will speed me up a bit!

  10. Hi Gautami!

    I reached you here from Paul's blog, Original Faith, saw you also at Amalendu's, and else where too...

    Coming here I see that you and me live in the same city...I too used to take classes..maths and physics, (at times English too) for children in my society...

    then I read this...so much of me.Slowing down also affets my creativity...a sentence here is as it is there in a verse of mine -- life seems to be in a standtill --and the theme of the verse is just this..

    and I think rejuvenation comes with a slowing down...and with time..as the 'water cycle' when all fall in place --

    I think I need to invite you to mine, Please do come. Would love to greet you there and see you more often here and there...

    On the above similarity -- I would request you to read 'A certain kind of feeling' at

    would love you read others as well...and your comments too...

    Meantime, I will get to know more of you here...
    it was nice knowing so much of you...rest i'm sure i'm going to like:-)


  11. hey. it's alright to slow down once a while. recharge your batteries.

    if i can't write anything, i go play video games. :)

  12. Well I take a ride or spin around the world on sites to places I know I personally won't get to an yet I feel I have not missed. Like sage... Get in the car with someone driving and let my mind wander. Or like yesterday take an unexpected call and listen. I am not 'religious' I just love the Lord.

  13. Perhaps that will come with drink and some skin. :P

    Love you girlfriend.

  14. well gautami, i guess we are all learning....learning to cope....learning to live :)
    its okay to feel this way....

  15. Time really speeds up and slows down ... on an individual and global level (for example, you'd probably want to call these times faster paced than, let's say, the 19th century).

    I wasn't familiar with "moodle" before, but now I am - thanks to you :)

  16. maybe the brain is trying to tell you something when it slows down, don't we sometimes need to take a break and just do nothing?

  17. Know what you mean about not being able to slow down, because then you loose all that creative energy - but then, maybe, that's a fallacy. Real thoughts need time and space. So, just go for that walk...

  18. I know the feeling too, I am just coming out of that slowing down. I think you just have to say it's okay and relax, you will be back on top of it in no time. You must need the rest, your body knows. I have to keep a paper and pen beside me at night as well, seems that is when my mind comes alive. Good luck, and great post!

  19. We are on the same wavelength. On the rare occasion I get in one of those moods that it sounds like you are in right now. Slowing down does nothing for my creativity either.

    P.S. your writing blog looks remarkably like mine. LOL

  20. there are times when i slow down unintentionally as if my body and mind are tired of giving me signals and have finally decided to protest. and there is nothing i can do about that except ride it through. creatively, when this happens - and it happens - i find after a few days, the fog lifts, sort of speak, and things become quite clear again. all part of life, tami.

  21. i'm totally playing the life of doing nothing. limbo exists until my home sells, until i can leave here and find another place to thrive.

    sometimes, limbo isn't bad...