Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Writer's state of mind

What’s your writing state of mind these days? How do you access that “mysterious faculty” where insight and imagination are nurtured? How do your instincts about your writing ability help you? What’s your experience of being in “the writing zone”?

Whatever we do in our lives, is largely dependent on how we are feeling at that particular point of time. Be it doing the daily mundane stuff or getting on with our creative self. That state of mind reflects in our spirits of doing things. Be it in writing or any thing else. When I am elated or downright down in the dumps, words simply seem to pour out. Maybe so much so that I have to stop those. I look, I observe, I imbibe and then I write. With too many thoughts. With no thoughts. It works both ways. Any experience, small or big, can make our mind go in many different ways.

For any writer, something compels us to write. It might be in any form, essays, fiction, poetry or even disjointed thoughts, all jumbled up within us. To decipher all those, the onus lies on us. I might have a concrete thought about what I am going to write but somehow imagination takes over along with insight and I end up with a completely different piece. Isn't it what is mystery of writing? Instinct has a role to play in it. I have found out that when I can't get anything across, the waves of words that gush out help me cope better. To any situation.
The days I am unable to write, I feel like a bummer.

What is this writing zone? How does one define it? For me when flying words get caught in my mind and a some kind of order is established, it helps me write. For better. And for worse. Becos trash too helps me cope up. When I get it out, I know that I can improve on my writing. Like mood swings, we do have writing swings. And it is for the good. To show us that we too can fall and fail. Only to pick ourselves up. Is it not writing like a performing art? We do it for our readers, though. I take a sympathetic view of those creative artists who cannot perform at the drop of a hat. As with writers.

How do you feel about it? Can you identify with imagination playing along with insight? Does absence from writing for whatsover reason, affects you?


  1. flying words getting caught in the mind - that's an excellent description of the writer's state of mind

  2. Gautami: Writer's state of mind? I would describe mine as rich and deep, but dwelling often in place where there is little light. But, darkness is also a creative place. Think of the deep solemn forest.

  3. more often than not for me the words are cultivated from a specific feeling scene emotion or other influence... i wish they would just conjure themselves and spout from every orifice,, but rarely am i blessed that way.....

    this was a good topic wasn't it??

  4. For me, it's finding that space and time when I am away from the day to day pressures, something I have to carve out and work at regularly otherwise I will sink! But I've left my thoughts on my post here:

  5. great post to becca's prompt... can i call it emotional writing that compels... absence from writing is well resting of some sorts from the efforts of writing.. very thought provoking g... need more time to consider your thoughts....

  6. "I might have a concrete thought about what I am going to write but somehow imagination takes over along with insight and I end up with a completely different piece."

    I really relate to this description of being in the writer's state of mind - this is definitely what happens when you allow your instincts to guide you in writing.

  7. I love the "flying words" reference... very true, I can imagine myself grasping at the flying words.. taking you quite literally here!!
    Come see my take on it Runaway Words

  8. I saw this too and it was glorious: "For me when flying words get caught in my mind..." then I saw that Crafty Green Poet also mentioned it! Strong words! Powerful and boy, do they resonate. A splendid post.