Wednesday, 17 September 2008


whispers filled my ears
permeating into each of my pores
drenching me
with the essentiality of you
with my eyes shut
I took in the moment
letting my fingers read you
pausing at the difficult words
imprinted on your skin
when my senses forgot me
I lost it all gaining into you
you dissolved into nothing
leaving me with my whispers

"still I search for you
with violent desperation"


  1. There's so much emotion in this, everything from gentleness to "violent desperation" - beautifully intense!

  2. intense emotion..wapped up in the words "violent desperation"..there is a sadness to it

  3. Wow, Gautami!

    That was pretty passionate and full of feeling! Lovely. That's what makes the world go round.

  4. it has been forever, but your link has always been active on my site. This topic looked interesting and wow, the poetry has evovled. Nothing like a year ago. You should almost just pick one at random and compare. I finally picked up a pen again and I can't stop, but I will always write my way. You obviously have many many facets. Excellent poem!

  5. Rings true for me.

    How about 'careless whispers'?

    "I should have known better than to cheat a friend
    And waste a chance that I've been given.
    So I'm never gonna dance again
    the way I danced with you.

    Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend.
    To the heart and mind ignorance is kind.
    There's no comfort in the truth
    pain is all you'll find.
    I'm never gonna dance again
    guilty feet have got no rhythm"

    George Michael @ WHAM

  6. This was utterly perfect for my mood today!

  7. Wow Gautami, That's passion like it's going outta fasion!

  8. Nice work!! I like the way you started with whispers and ended there, as well. The quote at the end tells so much.

  9. "the essentiality of you" was a great line!

  10. Oh, I loved the last line- it encapsules the rest of the poem so well...
    Great job, Gautami!

  11. "whispers filled my ears
    permeating into each of my pores
    drenching me
    with the essentiality of you"

    Wow, oh, wow! "essentiality" just blew me away!

  12. My favorite lines:

    "letting my fingers read you
    pausing at the difficult words"


  13. you asked me to stay strong, no fear and jst move on. Im going to stay the same, with a shoulder to cry. :) hugs.

  14. What a dream!
    Enjoyed your read Thank you.

  15. This is so tangible, so sensuous...then it's gone. This is such a powerful feeling you've captured.

  16. "pausing at the difficult words
    imprinted on your skin"

    This image is lovely and intimate. Reminds me of tracing letters on someone's back and making them guess what the word is.

  17. A longing for sensual love, communicated with strong feeling!

  18. 'Difficult words' printed on evertone's skin - we usually ignore them and concentrate on the easy ones.

  19. a lot of passion and emotion here. like it

  20. violent desperation - painfully familiar though distant now with time.

  21. That is intense still I search for you with violent desperation.
    wow. :)