Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Practising writing

Do you have a writing practice? What’s it like? How has it helped you become a better writer? If you’re thinking about starting a writing practice, how do you envision it? What would work for you?

Most writers do have some sort of order for their writing. I am no exception. I set a time for writing even on those days when I don't feel like writing. I simply close my eyes, envisage a particular issue or situation and sit down to write. It has helped me in more ways than one. It has taught me to be disciplined towards my writing goals. If I can't write poetry, I resort to writing books reviews. That helps me put words in order. Many a times, poetry has flowed from there. I also set myself small exercises to motivate myself. I take part in online prompts as they keep me abreast with fellow blogger poets/writers. This way one learns from them, striving to improve at every point. I do feel that practice time is essential for writing. I won't say I don't get desperate at times. I don't let any kind of lapse deter me from my writings. I have observed that when I have travelled emotionally, my writing takes a beating. That is the only time I find my muse blocked out. Otherwise, I write almost daily even if it a short piece. I prefer to write with a ballpoint pen into any of my numerous journals. I truly love buying those. However, loose sheets with a lead pencil too work equally well for me.

There is no hard and fast rule what works for me. It could be anything. I only need to open my mind to all kinds of possibilities.


  1. I have no practice that I follow. That is why I like the online prompts. The deadline makes me take the time to write.

    It seems the more I write, the more I have to write about, and when I am in a mood that I believe I havn't the time for writing, I suddenly have nothing to say.

    I suppose the muse gets bored and moves on.

  2. I am haphazard in my practice too, but I am a firm believer in it and try and flop down whenever or wherever I can. Other things often get in the way though....

  3. "I only need to open my mind..."

    That's exactly it - the writer's mind always has something to say, and I think writing practice helps tune in to it.

    I enjoyed reading about your writing practice :)

  4. I write when the mood strikes. I blog too much. :(

  5. There are very few things more precious than the pairing of a blank journal with a ball point pen.

  6. I don't have a practice. When I want to write (besides my job I mean), I write. When I don't, I don't. It is what it is for me.

    Then again, perhaps if I had a practice I'd be a better writer?

  7. November and April - are the months where I commit to writing 'practice'. A novel in November and a poem each day in April. I enjoyed reading your practice ideas!

  8. I've followed a pretty strict regime for some 25 years now. I write something every day (okay, I've failed at times). I always have notepaper close and jot down any idea that comes into my head. I suspect if I wrote all those notes up into prose, I'd be writing for over a hundred years.
    I like the prompts because they test my ability to come up with ideas quick and to a deadline. And I have to admit, they've revitalised the old imagination.

  9. I think you're absolutely right one when you say it's about a commitment no matter what . . . thanks for this.

  10. It's such fun and so interesting to learn how others practice. I'm not so good at it. Your poem, above this, was lovely.

  11. Excellent post - I should be more disciplined. As it is, the only thing I write regularly is my journal (with a fountain pen!) - but I'm starting to use writing prompts, and they truly do jump-start.

    Thanks for visiting!

  12. It surely is a daily discipline. Although I have written for business for decades, I have enjoyed a growing desire to revisit creative writing in the past couple of years.

    Writing for online publishing sites, such as blogging, AC and more has helped me to WRITE SOMETHING EVERY DAY. That's the secret, I think.

    Prompt sites (for poetry, fiction and memes) can help, if writer's block strikes.

    Blessings all,


  13. g excellent post to the prompt... it is enjoyable to read your thoughts abt writing... absolutely agree abt journals and pen... i have one that i wrote while overseas more than 20 years ago.. scary that i would keep something like that and now glad i have... discipline is something i have to try very very hard.. i think it's an action verb.. just the fact i am writing words on paper in one place is a big change... thank you for sharing your thoughts...

  14. I have always loved the look of a page filled with words. I dictated my first story to my father and he typed it for me. It was so magical. I write now using that same voice he heard when I was five.

    I love goals so I do set out to accomplish something. I am now in pursuit of 52 weeks, one chapter each and one story. I am enjoying it so much. "Unnamed Stories" is the tag I use.

    Good question.


  15. Interesting to think about. I don't have any set schedule or way of writing, but I do try to blog most days. If I truly have nothing to say, then I keep quiet, but usually there is *something* worth mentioning and writing about every few days. Thanks for making me think!