Sunday, 17 August 2008

plunging in the tunneled abyss

thinking of neither past nor future
I give in, disregarding my sane voice
only a feeling, nothing else to hold on to
I can't measure the highs, I don't wish
to think of the lows. each one of us has
tried to define it, a few being successful,
most have failed. nevertheless, that has
not acted as a deterrent. we go right in,
plunging in the tunneled abyss, unmindful
of everything, least of all, the consequences;
giving in to the ecstatic moment of it.

"should we not ponder over, why is it called
falling in love, when it takes us beyond the sky?"


  1. After the title, I started to read this feeling a sense of claustrophobia, so the turn at the end, the abyss being love, came as a bit of the surprise--but that really worked for me, too--because I've felt that the one true love in my life was just like that. I had fallen over the edge before I realized it, and then all I could do was give in and keep falling.

    This was a great visual; loved it!

  2. It's calling "falling" because it involves letting go, losing control of where you're going, as you're saying much more beautifully here. Of course, when a mother bird pushes her little birds out of the next, they fall first, then begin to fly upward.

  3. Nice twist at the end. And really, the feeling of fear, etc, can be the same whether facing extreme danger or love.

  4. Worth pondering indeed. There's only one way to fall when gravity releases its grip on us.

  5. "Tunneled abyss"is a wonderful phrase -- part of a great poem.

  6. The most difficult thing in this world is to win against yourself!

    NO! It’s not a fight if somebody doesn’t fight back, is it?

    It’s not a battle its discovering oneself .. it’s exploring and follow the truth.

    Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to follow but it’s not an war. Every man, when he gets quiet, when he becomes desperately honest with himself, is capable of uttering profound truths. We all derive from the same source. There is no mystery about the origin of things. We are all part of creation; we have only to open up, to discover what is already there.

    Knowing oneself is tough.

    Btw, kisine kahan hain na, “Know thyself?”


  7. This is perfect:

    'most have failed. nevertheless, that has
    not acted as a deterrent. we go right in'

    There's no hope for it. We must risk and plunge into the abyss.

  8. An interesting way of expressing falling in love!

  9. Yes, love is a "falling" isn't it? Another excellent poem!

  10. I think falling is an appropriate -image. Lke a falling feather at the mercy of the wind - love can take us beyond the sky and also crash us suddenly and unexpectedly against the ground!

    Reminds me of my recent monday mural poem - enthralled heart which has the same question at its centre.

  11. Well said! For some reason, it reminds me of a song by Dean Martin, 'Ain't Love a Kick in the Head'. The tones are polar opposites but the sentiments...

    "I couldn't feel any better or I'd be sick."

  12. At first I thought it was a poem about despair. But the last time I fell in love it was with a tree so what do I know...

    Actually, it was a small grove of trees, but my relationship with each of them was purely platonic and I didn't marry any of them. So under US law I couldn't be convicted of anything.

  13. Usually I don't like quotes and such in poems, but I think you use that last stanza to very good effect here. Nice work.

  14. I enjoyed the image of falling in love that this created. I especially liked the last line.

  15. Original. The answer to your question is, we should ponder, but not too much...

  16. so powerful! something we all have thought, but haven't been able to put in words...

  17. So true--who can't relate to this, "unmindful of everything," and "giving in."

  18. my favorite phrase: "unmindful
    of everything, least of all, the consequences".

    everyone's personal experience of love is unique -- thanks for a poem that took me back to my own first head over heels days :-)

  19. nicely written, I like the ending

  20. powerful. 'falling in love' is very symbolic indeed, because most people do 'fall' when they love someone/something without loving their own selves first - and hence losing their Self in pursuit of another that they love. And whether they love or they need is another question in itself, because the latter holds on while the former lets go.
    that was a powerful post, and (unintentionally or intentionally, I know not), encapsulated some profound secrets.

    however, i feel that every attempt is a success, the first no less honourable than the last...

  21. I love how active the phrase plunging in the tunnled abyss is. So much more dynamic, and purposeful, than simply falling. Great job.

  22. beyond the sky has such wondrous images... always and forever, again and again...

  23. ah yes, love. you expressed the intensity of "the fall", that stop-feeling in your stomach, very well indeed. i clearly remember that feeling.

  24. I guess we fall in love first. Get hatched...grow wings and start to fly. Just a theory:) You made us enter another realm of experience.