Wednesday, 13 August 2008

galloping with the wind

brushing the wind, they gallop
leaving everything behind
even whirlwinds can't compete
so fast that they pass in a moment
you can only touch them fleetingly
their massive size can beat you down
if only you let yourself lead by them

"with your calm exterior, you can win
over thoughts which gallop like horses
in your mind, tightly reining them in"


  1. intersesting perspective on thoughts... great images too.

  2. I like your comparison of thoughts to wild horses - unusual! Nicely done!

  3. You bring out the rawness of thought here.

  4. The biggest, most powerful, dangerous and exciting thing in life - is thought.

  5. yes my thoughts feel like horses too sometimes

  6. Whoa, this puts a rein of chaos for a moment anyway. Nice work.

  7. Is reining thoughts in a good idea?

  8. hi g...another interesting reflection... to consider that rhoughts can gallop like horses brushing the wind is wonderful in the sense of freedom... crazy sorta not good thoughts absolutely wanna reign them in... good stuff

  9. beautiful imagery. i love the idea of mind over matter ... you captured it exquisitely. JP/deb

  10. Great imagery! Can we control our wild thoughts when we are calm on the outside...or by forcing ourselves to be calm and in self-control on the outside, it spurs on and give reign to our galloping and out of control though patterns?

    I wrote three poems for the TOP prompt: Dogs of War, Two Pets and My Dog Tom


  11. a frequent battle ,reigning in
    the "galloping mind", at least for me, anyway.

  12. Great work Tami, I just love your pulsating images. They race more quickly then mans mind. What insight into the essence of a dog. Wonderful work.

    love you, Melanie