Monday, 14 April 2008

The Great Move

Since I made tuesdays as days of personal musings, they seem to come soon enough. And all I seem to talk about is my impending move to our new house, which should happen in a few days. It should have happened yesterday but had to be postponed for some reason. Once one is set to go, the delay only prolongs the agony of leaving familiar grounds behind. It's not that we are leaving Delhi.

We are making a move from East Delhi to West Delhi, which are situated diagonally opposite to each other. West Delhi is better connected to other important parts of Delhi. in the way of metro rail. However, East Delhi has better infrastructure. We don't have power outages or water woes in East Delhi but in West Delhi, both are rampant. The good thing is, the apartment we are moving into, has power backup along with adequate water storage tanks.

Most important of all, I will have to apply for a transfer to a school near my new residence. As I work for the Govt, those state owned schools are situated all over Delhi, that should not a problem. However, one never knows. Transfer is my one main worry. I have been posted in this school for almost 11 years.

A few of the times, I feel so lethargic in my mind and body, kind of hating to break the link I have formed with all, neighbours, friends, fellow teachers, vegetable venders, grocers and shopkeepers. And many others. Is it not funny? We human beings put roots everywhere.

Next Tuesday, hopefully I will have something to write about my new house, if I have net access.


  1. I hope you like your new home and all its transitions. And, hopefully you won't have to use the backup power/ water. And yes, we can definitely put down roots just about anywhere. I hope your school transfer goes well. Being there for 11 yrs must make it hard for you to leave the children. Have a nice day.

  2. Moving is always tied up with obstacles. I hope yours goes well and you are happy in your new home and job.

  3. well hopefully the outcome will be one of those that leave you wondering what you were ever afraid of... sometimes life can be like that.....
    and wait for you to be ready before it provides you with something new and extraordinary......

  4. Hi. Nice to catch up with you, again. And you're moving. Does that mean you must be posted to the new school, or that is is better because it is closer. Good luck!

  5. Moving always creates a strange mixture of fear and delight. Maybe some days it is like a limbo of numbness.

    It all will pass when you begin etching out a new lifestyle.


  6. About my house we have a saying; "on with the next adventure". change and comfort are seldom used in contextual agreement. new horizons, though, await. you shall encounter new friends and challenges.
    bon chance

  7. ((((Gautami))))

    I hope it all works out for the best and this change allows you to fulfill all your dreams.

  8. Moving is an ordeal most have had to endure, however I have always found something good had come out of every move. We have a saying here on Gwynn's Island "A ship is always safe in harbor, but eventually the bottom rots out." Sometimes we have to move to clean the bottom. As I looked at the picture and read your story, I imagined a woman laying down, museing over the upcoming move. Hope to hear form you from your new place. Take care.

  9. Moving, Gautami, can bring you new wonders, new poetic moments, a reason to expand your roots. I wish you days of wonderment and smiles in your new home...

    ...and net access!

  10. congratulations guatami on your new home. i do not doubt that you will soon plant roots there as exciting! i'm looking forward to next week's post to read on how your moving went.


  11. Gautami: Moving, eh? My best to you.

    Moving is a way to break the hold of attachment in our lives. Prepares us for the ultimate move. Some say the last move, but that will depend upon our karma. Right?

    Truthfully, moving is a pain in the b-u-t-t. All this stuff we accumulate...Ugh. My sympathies.

  12. Happy moving Gautami! Tell me when I can drop by :D

  13. I hope the move goes smoothly--and MOST IMPORTANTLY that you have internet access! Take care and take time to say good bye to old neighbors and to make friends with new ones.

  14. You are pulling up your Roots and transplanting your wonderful self to blossom for a whole new set of admirers.

    I think that it's part of some cosmic need to be exposed to new people and experiences...the old ones will never forget you anyway.

    I am very excited for you.

  15. Moving is so traumatic. It sounds as though this one will also be something of a challenge.

    I've never seen your face

  16. I am confident in your ability to adjust.

    I would expect nothing less!

  17. it's difficult to let a substantial part of life behind...
    but i'm sure things will turn out well for you
    (fingers crossed)

  18. Looking forward to hear more about the move :)