Friday, 18 April 2008

sleeping beauty----Writers Island

cursed she was by the evil witch
and was made to sleep
for no one knew how many years.
her parents, the king and the queen-
although happy she was not dead,
mourned their daughter's fate.
year by year, they slowly retreated
to other parts of their lives, being
with other children. she was forgotten
sleeping in that bed of hers, weeds growing
around her palace, thick trees covering it-
silence of nights prolonged her agony.

when a lonesome prince lost his way,
finding the palace was his oasis.
slowly climbing the stairs, he saw
the sleeping princess lost to world
when his lips touched hers,
he tasted the great bliss of death.
triumph of the princess was blood
of those who kissed her luscious lips.
under her bed were skeletons
of doomed men lost over the years.


  1. Reminded me of Roald Dahl .His stories for children always had twist-in-the-tale endings :)

  2. The dreaded kiss of death. Marvellously done.

  3. trust you to work out something different...nicely done...

  4. sorry forgot to leave my url..

  5. Tami, you and Anthony are on the same wavelength. Sex = Death. Funny. Say, you've got really good handle on the rhythm in this one - well done.

  6. Your endings always surprise me, for a sweet girl you can write some evil stuff! haha :))

  7. Great take on the old fairy tale Tami! That was some kiss. ;)

  8. What a dark and atmospheric piece. Entertaining as ever!

  9. Interesting post and quite a change. Well done.

  10. Sleeping Beauty with a vampire's kiss ... very interesting twist

  11. thats was a dark twist!
    i had suck sympathies for the princess in the first half and then i was aghast!

    very well writen. i think it is the ability of the writer to change the reactions of the reader so swiftly that is to be commended here!! :)
    loved it!

  12. a fairy tale with a different ending.
    love it!

  13. This line really got to me... "they slowly retreated to other parts of their lives, being with other children." Sad, but necessary...
    Nifty poem.

  14. When you said that you were re-visiting your childhood, I was expecting something in the personal memoir genre. I have never really left the fairy tales of my childhood behind. I agree that this is more like Roald Dahl than the traditional tale.

  15. hmm very nicely done..
    to be frank..I kind of felt sad to see a women being a cause for doomed men.

  16. Whoa... now that brings a whole new meaning to the term -- "killer kisser". Fascinating piece Gautami... ;)

  17. A quite common plot that end up in a very uncommon way. There are many ways to give fairy tales ending ~ some could end up like this. But for the young ones, I would still prefer their fairy tales to end the traditional
    and-they-live-happily-ever-after kind of way.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques