Friday, 24 August 2007

visions of damage----[Fiction] Friday

This week
[Fiction] Friday asks us to create a character in a genre one would normally avoid. I am not too sure about it. For now I can't write anything other than free verse!! Blame it on my recalcitrant
muse!! On second thoughts, I write a lot of structured poetry, so maybe this is different..:D

Hence I take it forward from my previous FF work, Waiting....

carved knife under
her pillow, was only
a defensive measure.
nothing could prevent
ghosts of memories to escape.
least of all, a weapon.
logic defies mind when
faced with threats
of own-making.
imaginary fears sap away
strength, same way as real ones.
visions of damage are
round the corner.
little knowing-
the assailant
is none other than self.

she did not need
any one else to harm her.
She was not doing too badly-
self-destructing all the time.


**Disclaimer: This isn't about me as a few assume. I am trying to write an entire series of poems for FF. This is the third one.

Don't forget to read my previous post 'blood in the streets.'


  1. Hi Gautami,

    Nothing worse than a self-destructive Muse with a sharp object. Err, that was what the story was about?



  2. Now free verse would be genre-bending for me! lol, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

  3. How insightful. Often what goes on in our heads is far more destructive than what is actually external.

    Michele sent me over to read your wonderful verse but I'm always please to pop by.

  4. rose:; well, well, you have not being following my FF posts!

    But I suppose you are right in a way about that.

    Lyn, do try free verse. It frees the mind..!

  5. i am always struggling with free verse... i love it,, but sometimes the descriptors fail me... excellent write by the way...

  6. I've never tried free verse before but I think I may have to give it a go. This was excellent by the way. Michele says hi but I think I'm gonna have a look around.

  7. Bob-kat: That self-destruct button is ever ready. One has to keep a check on that.

    paisley: You can write. Free verse is easy!

    moogie: you are welcome look around as much as you want to.

  8. What a lovely and thought-provoking work; so glad Michelle sent me! As a therapist I think that poem would be very helpful for some of my clients, particularly us females, who live in our heads most of the time. We can be our own worst enemies, can't we?

    My daughter's name is India! This was a common name in the Southern U.S. several decades ago when trade began between our countries. She is named after my great, great, great aunt, and I would love to visit India the country someday.

  9. Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy Life!

  10. "visions of damage are
    round the corner.
    little knowing-
    the assailant
    is none other than self."

    My favorite part, and so true sometimes.

  11. I can feel the internalized pain in these words. You have an innate ability to deliver power with so few words. I wish I had that gift!

    Hi from Michele's today. I hope you've had an amazing week, and look forward to catching up with your work this weekend.

  12. Here from Michelle's -- very moving poetry -- chilling in fact -- thank you

  13. That's fine free verse, Guatami; very expressive.

    Michelle sent me here.

  14. I can relate to that...

    Hi, Michele sent me

  15. 'Imaginary fears sap away strength' - that really resonates with me as I can get quite fearful. Who was it said ' There is nothing to fear but fear itself'?
    You have the ability to hit the nail on the head in a very poetic way Nautami.

  16. There you see I get so carried away I forgot Michele sent me:)

  17. Am I the only one not sent by Michele?

    What I like most about this is the self-awareness she has about her own self destructive tendencies. And to a certain extent complicity in those tendencies. Almost like a guilty pleasure.

  18. I'm still waiting for more actions to be taken place, but this is nicely done continuation.

    Aren't most of us self-destructive anyway?

  19. This was excellent read...
    we all have a time when we beat ourselves up

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog but I think I have to reply to your poem with a poem (please forgive :))

    Out the Window

    I was looking out the window and what I saw, unbelievable
    Just here out my window a wondrous sight so incredible
    Children laughing, Trees dancing in the wind, a woman arguing
    Cars traveling, songs made with trash cans and the sun smiling

    How was I to know, how long was I here in this dark place
    Just there beyond my blinds and curtain was a beautiful day
    With noisy neighbors laughing in the shade’s shadow
    All here beyond this prison, beyond my little window

    How long have I been in this room?
    Trapped by my own gloom
    That I have really missed all of this
    And forgotten that it could even exist

    But pass the clouds of gray and the pain, beyond my strife
    Today I was looking out the window and I saw life

    copyrighted 2000 Deschamps

  20. Thanks to all those who came of their own and to all those via michele!


    novy, special thanks to you for that poem. It complements mine.

    But I must say here that this poem is NOT about ME.

  21. so the drama continues...
    i really admire your skill and versatility, gautami.

  22. And I am waiting for the next installment...I do find that Rose has touched upon something here. That the inspiration is wound up in self-destruction. Very interesting read.