Monday, 13 August 2007

expurgation-----monday poetry train

I was dared by within without to write about purging. He probably assumed I won't take it. How could I not?!

**Warning: This might hurt a few sensibilities....

staidly sitting, stance so straight
with a thoughtfully morose façade,
looking ahead at a point in front-

all set to take charge, pondering
he concentrates on the deed to be
done, which is essential although

talking about is deemed uncouth.
sharp shooting pains do not help
the cause. rather hinder, putting

superfluous pressure. he heaves,
huffs and puffs; with a splutter
all gets cleared, respite palpable

on his visage, he gets up gingerly
feeling great deal better. flushing
with much gusto missing hitherto-

purged, he feels relief, unfettered.
emptying his bowels of that clutter!

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  1. Gautami - that's priceless!! It's too early in the morning to make me fall out of my chair laughing!
    Most excellent...

  2. A man has to do what a man has to do…
    The three leves of the Tree of Life - the Earth, the Underworld and the Heavenly World…, reciprocating…!?:)

  3. Wow! you're amazing! That takes talent to come up with a poem like that!!

    Thanks for visiting from Michele's!,'ve got an interesting blog!

  4. I so understand this Gautami. LOL You have no idea, although, I am sure you do.

    Had a good weekend, got to talk with some friends and relax.



  5. I see. Mock the men. Ladies don't purge the bowels. *rolls eyes*

  6. I can't believe you actually did write this, Gautami, but I stand up (or should that be sit down) and salute you.

    As others have noted, however (notably Brian), why wasn't it a female on the throne? :-)

    I loved the flushing with much gusto, but heaving and huffing and puffing?


  7. LOL! Great poem. IT's a ritual with the lawyers I work with, everyday same time they go downstairs and purge. ;)

  8. LOL. guys just have to show off! at 20 months it's Look Mama, see what I made. They never really grow out of it. Heaven help the women in their lives who can't learn to praise their genius and its products.

  9. "staidly sitting, stance so straight
    with a thoughtfully morose façade"

    How many hours of our lives do we sit like that, I wonder? Totally love your poem!

  10. LOL! I'll have to post this on the bathroom wall and see if Mr. Robin sees the humor in it.

  11. Dang. How true it is. It's only missing the line "You've got to see this!"

    I mean, really. ;-)

  12. LMAO! Okay everyone's comments are cracking me up-and yeah-the only thing missing is the attempt at show and tell. Awesome job Guatami!

  13. staidly sitting, stance so straight

    Not one of the Asian squat ones then?

  14. I never expected this kind of response.

    I was only taking that dare and I never intended it to be a man thing.

    Bilogical funtions are important for all living creatures.

    Please do bear that in mind before making any comments about it being a man thing.

  15. My Word!
    Not a Man thing?! The fact that this works on so many levels has obviously not been lost on any of your readers. The comparison is painfully obvious and no doubt well deserved by many, but not all.

    I can only hope that my friend WW will learn to keep his Naïveté in check and spare us Y-chromes from any future misandric ridicule.

    You had me from Warning.

  16. The wonderfull world of the end of our digestive system!
    The best and the funniest way I have seen it descrive!!

  17. That was too funny. If it's not show and tell, it's bragging about it. :)

  18. Gautami -- I've been waiting all day for the ... ummm... privacy (Yes, I'm serious!) to see what you meant on my blog about potty poetry.

    It was totally worth the wait. You've got a gift with words, you know.

  19. Awesome! The wording was too eloquent for it to bother any sensibilities. LOL

  20. That was naughty but I liked it. :p By the way, I like your new site design.

  21. imaginative write, gautami. enjoyed the images in this poem. now, when is your book coming?

  22. WOO HOO! I'm not the only one to ever write a "crappy" poem. Never deny a challenge, I say.

  23. You just know that when someone can write a good poem about pooping, she's an impressive poet!

  24. Happy 60th Independence Anniversary! :-)

  25. Missing reading your work has been a "waste." Your talent shines through even in a topic such as this one, which you treated well with writer's flair. You rose (rather than stooped) to the challenge with dignity!
    It's so visual, yet not hideously graphic for this topic. Nice!

  26. an e"motion"al piece of work :)

  27. It's funny how conquering writer's block (which, in the beginning, is what I thought the poem was about) sounds so much like taking a poop. :D LoL! Very witty, Gautami. :D