Friday, 10 August 2007

lured into lord's lair...[Fiction] Friday

I found another writing prompt known as [fiction] friday.This week's prompt is to use as many words from the following:

barge flare harsh ordinary sore
bore floor hoard rare torch
carve folklore lair scorn tore
fare gorge lord snare unicorn
hare marvelous soar warn


lured into lord's lair

sore from sitting all day
on the floor,
heart tore to bits,
harsh reality flares
in deep gorge of her mind.
she rues the day, she was snared
by his false charm.
lured into his lair
facing scorn from all.
one of those rare times, her
family had tried to warn her
about how ordinary people
like them should not
dream high. as time passes,
darkness prevails, her lord barges in
with the torch, his eyes boring
into her downcast head.
she ignores his marvellous profile,
her flair for dramatics intact
in case he decides to
torture her
studiously ignoring her, he retreats
after serving her delicious
pieces of cooked hare,
hunted, carved and hoarded
from last summer.
somewhat satisfied
she falls asleep with soaring dreams
of an unicorn flying in to save her
like in folklores she reads.

Does she wish to escape?

There is a no editing rule. So under the circumstances, this was the best I could write. I will write another part of this story next week trying to tie the lose ends.


  1. Good job writing and Welcome to Fiction Friday. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Enjoy Life!

  2. I loved the way you put this together. And then that nagging question... But if you do need liberating, maybe some of us fictioners could fictionalise ourselves into unicorns and come to your rescue like knights in shining armour. Just give us a call.

  3. What lovely writing. Very well put together. I like the style - like a story poem.

    Welcome to Fiction Friday!

  4. Hi Gautami,

    Knowing the way the poem flowed from your mind, I would say that she does not wish to escape.

    Thanks for your comments as always, I really enjoy your company.



  5. Damn, I've got to get me a lair. Maybe I'll put a white worm in it.

    That didn't sound right...

  6. If this is the best you can do, than that's really good! Exercises like this are fun because they cause you to think in a different way.

  7. Whenever someone mentions a Unicorn I am reminded of how the Vikings brought Narwhal tusks to Europe and traded them for gold.
    The Europeans believed that they were from Unicorns and held magical powers.

    These days those poor Narwhals are summarily shot by the Inuit in Northern Canada when they come up through holes in the Ice... like fish in a barrel.

    Snared like a Hare I hope that your Heroine has better luck than the Narwhals...hopefully a 'real' Unicorn will save her.

  8. This is so well done. The language flows so smoothly and the images are well connected to the emotions.

    And the question is very thought provoking.

  9. Very well done, I like it.

    You have such a creative mind, you always take me where I did not expect to go.

    Thank you, lady.

    Also... I like the photo at the top of the page now, that's beautiful!

    Scarlett & V.

  10. that was wonderful.. you did an awesome job of using all the words... glad you are here.....

  11. Gautami, I love your writing anyway, but these words were meant to be in this poem. Even though I used them in a story, this poem just feels like the words were made for it --rather than the poem worked around them. Great use of the words.

  12. ....and I'll be back to see where you go next! That was awesome!

    Oh, and, Michele sent me. Glad she did! :)

  13. I think that was beautiful. You are a gifted writer, and I'm so glad Michele sent me here to read your poem.

    Best regards.

  14. Hey Gautami! I really enjoyed your writings. I perused several & found them interesting & articulate...very entertaining.

    By the way, Michele sent me.

  15. wonderful! You have such an interesting collection -- it's amazing how you come up with all of this.

  16. Very nice to read! Great job!

    Michele sent me!

  17. When there is no edit rule, one can't have much choice. I did what I had to and enjoyed writing it.

    I love Unicorns....mythical though they are.

  18. I think this flowed quite well...and though the characters are mythical, the story sounded are a gifted poet!

    BTW, I checked out the Lion's circle...that was a cool site!

  19. That was a fantastic poem - so hard to do with words already chosen, but you did an excellent job!

  20. Gautami, if you keep inspiring me with these great prompt sites and your wonderful writing, I will not have time for much else! This is very intriguing and I must say just a bit disturbing, the whole falling-in-love-with-ones-captor imagery. But this is the third unicorn reference I've run into tonight! Maybe I should take a break from Michele's (who sends her best).