Wednesday, 29 August 2007

real world.....?!------3WW



an obscure place,
tender with morning sun,
the smell of tea and ripened fruit
wafts towards the hotel window.
sounds of life outside drift in amid old concertos.
chirping birds, buzzing bees beckon me outside
to steel warmth from the sun.
work forgotten, i am tempted.
slowly coming back to life
i prepare for yet another day.
picking up my laptop, i walk out
into the streets to my car,
to face the “real world.”


If you are so inclined to be scared, do read my review of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly on my Reading Room blog..


  1. Do you mind if I join you for some tea? I think for one day, the real world can do without us.



  2. Rose, you know you are welcome to join me for tea any time.

  3. tea - yes .. let's do tea :)

  4. I love the feeling of the first part and then, EEEK, the jarring reality of that thing called work.

    Nicely done!

  5. I am with Nancy... I didnt want reality! I was enjoying the romantic beginning... isnt that always the case... nice when ones 'home' can be a retreat!

    I'll come for tea as well!=]

  6. Most of the times, real world does intrude. I think we too do not stop to smell the roses.

    All are welcome to join for tea. The more the merrier. You can read your poetry too, if you wish..:d

  7. You set us up in the world we wanted to be ensconced in and then took us back to reality, but in doing so you gave us the choice to read it again and stop after the first verse, to linger over tea.

    Tea just made this feel right, we all picked up on it...

  8. Oh, wow. If I woke up in a place that sounded and smelled like that I wouldn't want to go to work either! This pulled me right in. Beautiful.

  9. I like this. Kind of remaining me to do the same. I spent far too much time indoors.

    Nicely done!

  10. My friend, I would be honored and delighted to take a repast of tea and biscuits. On a veranda overlooking a lake with a gentle breeze wafting the aroma of citrus.

    Work? Who needs work?

  11. The tea sounds fabulous. The real world....

  12. how very inhospitable of life to barge in and destroy such beautiful serenity....

  13. It was a jolt at the end to have to face the work day! The beginning was so peaceful and really caught that mood of wanting to sit in quiet reflection but then being forced to face the reality of work. I really enjoyed this!

  14. I would be tempted to stay seated and continue to bask a little longer in the sun as well. At first I thought you were writing about being on vacation, until reality set in.

  15. i like the feeling of strangeness/separation one gets in hotels - but not the thought of going to work :)
    thank you

  16. Your poem was beautiful. I enjoy going outdoors but, lately it is too hot to breath.

    Thank you for such a wonderful piece. Keep up the good work.

    See Ya

  17. I wanted to drop my concerns and join you. Tea sounded so inviting, and the "real world" so jolting.

  18. I think about similar things sometimes when I go out for lunch or something at work. What a beautiful day and world is outside, and how I'm missing it!

    You capture it well.

  19. I didn't want her to cave and go to work, I wanted her to enjoy life.

    Sometimes I get so sad that we spend so much of our life working to live a couple of days off. Seems ridiculous, doesn't it?

    Nicely done this week.

  20. Love the transition to the "real world." Nice piece.

  21. and you were telling me I was visual! wonderful painting of the morning, I love days like that!

  22. Very observent. And nice work on giving the picture to us, the readers.

    I could feel the sun, the warmth...I heard the traffic (I hate traffic) the people around me quietly buzzing on about something.

    'Course, I don't have a laptop, but, I do use a notebook and pen which I carry around, so...
    That's like a manual laptop, eh?