Friday, 27 April 2007

Unseen Wings--Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings wants us to spread our wings this time. Anywhere we like, anyway we like.

When we think of wings, we think of birds. That is to be expected. We all are aware that in addition to fairies, only birds have wings, birds are real, fairies in our imagination.

Most of us wished to possess wings to fly away to far off places. To have that sense of freedom.

Here I write about those dreams.

Unseen Wings

spirit within me is
seeking to let lose.
untamed by conventions
desiring to be free,
traversing through
raging storms,
rugged terrains of the cerebrum.

mysterious destinations
await for the
wings in my mind
to take flight;
soaring into the sky.
Those same wings fold up
after getting tired’
rest a while replenishing;
to take flight again-

after a while.

imagination sure has wings.

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  1. is it already Sunday there, no, it can't be, you're early. but I love the poem--images of those wings in our mind

  2. Most of us fear flying thanks to the harsh lesson learned by Daedalus. Despite warning his son Icarus not to soar too high, tragedy struck, and Daedalus hung up his wings.

    I was going to mention the flying abilities of Bats, Insects and some extinct Reptiles, but that would be tedious and Faeries have that anthropomorphic hook.

    Birds are the direct descendents of the Dinosaurs which is only disconcerting when staring into the ferocious face of a large terrestrial avian monstrosity like an Emu or Ostrich...can you imagine if the Moa would have survived the Polynesian invasion. A 12 foot tall, 500 pound bird would be amazing.

    I agree that we have to fold our wings and roost once in a while. If you are high all of the time the thrill gets harder to maintain..
    but what a view!

    OK I'll switch to Decaf.

  3. I kind of wished I had wings half an hour ago. We just had an earth quake in south east England. Can't believe it. Anyway, house is still standing. Wings still a dream.

    'rugged terrains of the cerebrum.'

    Wonderful line, I like how you have interwoven wings into a dream format.

  4. especially liked "rugged terrains of the cerebrum"
    here's to more flights
    thank you

  5. While my first thought was similar to Homo escapeons' (what about butterflies!) I love this poem - being very fond of flights of the imagination myself.

  6. Lovely poem - and yes, imagination has wings and often takes flight!

  7. You always write so beautifully, Gautami! I loved the title especially- I think we all have them- they are just "unseen"...

  8. Such beautiful writing.....
    On a wing and a pray,
    Lovely words written,

  9. sage: I posted it early..:) Thanks.

    donn/homo escapeons: I forgot Daedalu. Thanks for that reminder.

    Don't drink too much coffee.

    beaman: Hope all is well for you. Let the house stand.

    floots: thanks.

    pacian: Imagination always flies.

    tara/paris: thanks.

    regina: Thanks. You write so well too.

  10. imagination does indeed have wings!

  11. Great one! Also, Gautami, say yes to yourself and go on that vacation.

  12. you're flying on the wings of imagination... lovely stuff!

  13. Lovely writing.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  14. "rugged terrains of the cerebrum" - that is brilliant.

  15. Wings and imagination... what a lovely, unique interpretation of the theme!

  16. Birds and mobility have always given me a sense of freedom. Freedom from all kinds of boundaries.

  17. I like this poem. Gautami, I once had a dream I was flying except I was an angel.

    Our mind and heart take flight every day and the nobler among us soar.

  18. beautiful poem Imagination Sure DOES have wings :)

  19. " imagination sure has wings."

    i agree with that, gautami. it takes us higher, it even takes us back in time..

  20. soaring imagination! lovely!

  21. If our imaginations/dreams/wings are clipped we shrivel and die. Beautifully expressed!!!

  22. beauiful poem, and i love the writing in your intro too.

  23. seems we share a similar head space. I like your poetry version and imagery.

    "rest a while replenishing;
    to take flight again-"

    I hope you're right!


  24. imagination sure does give us wings. The idea of flight is certainly akin to feelings of freedom for me.

  25. A wonderful image of our imagination having wings. I loved how you showed it resting & replenishing. Lovely

  26. you send such wonderful poetry 'postcards' back from your "mysterious destinations"! we can be truly free in our minds and imagination, if we dare to take wing.

  27. If I could have wings
    I will soar the skies
    I will touch what ever is behind galxies

    Loved this one is soo hopeful..

  28. The house is still standing. :) However my cat now has a nervous tic.

    I wrote a poem about it on my blog, what do you think?

  29. gautami,
    You are right on with this poem. Our ability to fly by using our imagination. No on can see our imagination, but never the less we use it to transport us any and everywhere.


  30. Mysterious destinations...
    Love it

  31. From here Delhi seems like such a mysterious destination already... this was a lovely poem and a reminder than no place is as exciting as our own hearts and minds.

  32. WOW...cos this verse somehow gels well with my thoughts.


  33. it took me awhile to find your comment I like the way you labelled it! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your kind words you left on my wings post. Your poem is beautiful.

  34. Thanks my friends, for your continuous support.

    That gives me wings too. To create, to do better each time.

    Dreams, imagination do have wings and aloso very essential for our existence.

  35. Ha! A woman once told me how she was like a butterfly, ready to spread her wings and fly.

    She never did.

    That's not to say that most people don't, when they're ready. It's just to say that not all do, despite their best intentions.

    So when it happens, the thing is not to take it for granted.

  36. Thanks for visiting my site. Great poem! Imagination is a wonderful thing!

  37. Wonderful imaginings of wings!

  38. I liked this post so much because it reminded me that its a good idea to remember with our freedom come the storms and rugged terrain. . .a small price to pay, don't you think, for freedom?
    Thanks for reading my scribbling too.