Friday, 6 April 2007

Covert Love----Sonnet

studiously she avoids gazing in that direction
where he sits nonchalant, almost uncaring-
minds send out signals; silence so chilling,
picking up vibrations, she answers the question

being very still, with almost no expression,
she slowly stands with her eyes measuring
the distance, she glides toward his beckoning
mind. her heart beat, was by any indication

making her state, an object of ardent desire;
visible in her stance, in her jerky mannerisms.
smoldering flame, blazing; intense, luminous

pulling him in too; each bursting vein on fire
blowing apart their semblance, volumes
of convulsions still unseen, causing chaos.
For three days I had been struggling to write. After a short period of dryness, my muse was kind enough to let me write.

* I have moved this to top as this got ignored after posting for Poetry Thursday.


  1. Your poems are always so enticing and full of movement. Your sonnet is so beautiful and shows such emotional pain.

    I'm glad your muse let you write today.

  2. This was loaded with anticipatory seduction and conquest.
    I shall call her the Tigress.

  3. I could almost live it!
    Beautifully done, as always.

    Dichotomy - Division into 2 parts.
    Verdant - Lush green with vegetation.
    Fraught - Filled with a specific element.

  4. nicely done--you feel the tension and the draw that pulls them together and pushes them apart--and in the end togetherness wins

  5. brian: Thanks. Emotional journeys are painful at times.

    My muse is kind...:D

    donn/h.e.: I never thought like that writing it. Thanks for giving me that insight.

    borut, steve: thanks.

    sage: it does seem that way, doesn't it? Thanks.

  6. intense... you can feel the tension and emotions.

  7. inextricable - that cannot be resolved or escaoped from.

    molybdenum - silver white metallic element used in steek for making high speed tools.

    incognizant - unaware.

    Your cheating!

  8. polona: thanks!

    steve: how did I do that? Cheating, that is...

  9. "visible in her stance, in her jerky mannerisms" Just one part I enjoyed. It was worth the three days to come up with this. In my opinion one of the best I have read from you. Great job!

  10. simply beautiful

    hugs & happy easter

  11. chris: For three days, I couldn't write. Then it flowed suddenly. I too think it ois my best sonnet to date.

    kai: Thanks, love. Wish the same for you.

  12. I chose the line from your poem for this week's Poetry Thursday prompt ... thank you for the inspiration!! Much peace, JP

  13. Hi Gautami!

    The carnival is up at Knocking From Inside! Come check it out.

  14. deborah: thanks. I will go chk out.

    tiel: thanks for the link.

  15. lovely... thanks to Tiel for the connection!