Friday, 20 April 2007

Rooted----Sunday Scribblings

I am kind of honoured that Sunday Scribblings chose my weblog name as this week’s prompt, Rooted.

When I started this weblog almost two years back, I didn’t have to think what to name it. It just popped into my mind and I named it "rooted". The name describes me rather well. Rooted for me does not mean to be rooted to all that is around me, my family, my country, my religion or my culture. It has much broader meaning for me. It means my unshaken faith in humanity, my beliefs that all religions can only teach us something good. It is we who interpret it as otherwise.

I write poetry. Poets are assumed to be dreamers. I am a dreamer too. Despite that I stay well grounded. I do not soar above in dreams never to come back. I am practical, pragmatic and rational. At times too pragmatic..:) For me, rooted does not mean that I have to be at one place in order to have a sense of belonging. It can be anywhere and in anyway. It is all within the mind and not just any mundane place. When one is rooted in the mind, one does not need excuses for places, people, religion and culture. In a way, rooted means spirituality for me. Do I make sense?

mysticism prevails

# I write very short verses too. I can write as little as 4 words verse. I do haigas too. I have a blog too for it. I just do not advertise it at all.

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  1. do you make sense? absolutely! I'm with you all the way.

    a very well written piece, gautami (not necessarily because I agree with it). :o)

  2. Yes totally you make sense! I feel roots to the place I live in but I think I have a wider sense of rootedness to the earth and to communities of interest.

  3. that was very nice. yes, it makes perfect sense :)

  4. Thank you for your hugs Gautami. I understand things a bit clearer with the comments. I understand more with your post here.

    If you are rooted in yourself and your belief that compassion and mercy are virtues, then you will be able to grow from those roots.

    Your sister Rose


  5. That sounds like a nice kind of rooted.

  6. Very nice and good for you, Gautami. Hope that you are well.

  7. Wonderful perspective on what it is to be rooted. I will take that perspective to heart. Thank you!

    --and so it goes--

  8. Going to the root of things. Well said! I'm experiencing some 'problems' with my blog. I forgot my password, don't 'want' to move to the new blogger, I can't post for the time being. I'm might even move to Multiply or something like that as the result, in a month or so!?:)Borut

  9. I am just sitting here smiling!
    I am proud of you!
    You know why!

  10. back home again
    I step into the river

  11. Pragmatic Dreamers are very rare.

    With your feet firmly planted on the ground and those soulful eyes gazing up at the stars, you are absolutely one-of-a-kind.
    I admire the purity and purposefulness of your thoughts.

    You have the ability to wonder about things without guessing.

    I tease you every now and then because I love spending time with you in detention.

  12. Hi Gautami: Yes, that makes sense! Very eloquently stated, as usual. I agree with the points you made.

  13. You are truly the essence of a beautiful spirit rooted in faith! Wonderful peace resides in your heart. Just lovely!A joy to read!

    Hugs Sherrie

  14. That sums you up perfectly ... honoured to meet you.

    Yes, I too have sense of belonging anywhere and in anyway ... rooted ... yet free.
    Have a wonderful weekend Gautami. :o)

  15. I immediately thought of your site upon seeing the sundayscribblings prompt... we are all 'rooting' for you. oops. ;-)

  16. You make total sense, I love visitng your blog each week. Admittedly, writing a poem a day has made it difficult to comment everywhere. I especially liked:"my beliefs that all religions can only teach us something good"

  17. You make sense in a wonderfully Buddhist-esque sense yes. Your post slightly reminds me of the Dhammapada. :)

  18. This was a lovely post and your short verse was just perfect...

  19. lovely post! love your take on having roots/being rooted. your blog is very inspiring.

  20. Your blog constantly inspires your words are so wonderfully put together!


  21. This is beautiful and yes it makes sense.
    What a gift of inspiration you've given us for this week's sunday scribblings.

  22. Congratulations on being our 'inspiration' for this week Gautami! I love that your religion is what binds you.

  23. Lumi-ukko
    käy kylpemässä
    Yamuna - joella

    This is from my Finnish-site (

    Thanks for inspriration from you, Gautami!

    In English that was something like:

    A snow-man
    goes bathing
    in the Yamuna-river.

    Ps. Rooted = 'Juurtunut' in Finnish. A very good name for a blog!

  24. a lovely sense of rooted, Gautami, and one that i am trying to reconnect with myself. I empathise with the idea of being rooted in the mind, regardless of external influences. However, sometimes I have to remind myself to be rooted in my body more, to achieve the sense of grounding you talk about. Congrats on being the inspiration for this week's theme - you and your fantastic blog deserve it!

  25. 22 de abril, día de la tierra. Quién no la respeta, no respeta la humanidad.
    22 of April, day of the land. Who does not respect it, does not respect the humanity.

    22 d'avril, jour de la terre. Qui ne la respecte pas, ne respecte pas l'humanité.
    22 نيسان يوم الارض. فمن لا يحترم ومن لا يحترم الانسانيه.
    22 von April, Tag des Landes. Wer es nicht respektiert, respektiert nicht die Menschlichkeit
    22日,一天的土地. 谁不尊重,不尊重人性. 4月の22、土地の日。
    4月の22、土地の日。 それを尊重しないかだれが、人間性を尊重しない。
    22 апреля - День земли. Кто не уважает его, не уважать человечество.
    22 de Abril, dia da terra, quem não a respeita, não respeita a humanidade
    22 της ημέραης Απριλίου, του εδάφους, που δεν το σέβονται, δεν σέβονται το Ανθρωπότητα
    David Santos

  26. ian: thanks. Your post is very good too.

    crafty: your short poem is one of the best.

    polona: thanks.

    rosy dewy knickers: Thanks. I would love to have such a sister as you. I do not have any sisters.

    djpare: thanks.

    don: thanks. I am ok. I like your newer posts with pictures.

    rob: Thanks. Your post was very touching. I was affected by that.

    borut: bloggers sucks at times. But how did you manage to forget your password? Send them an email.

    steve: Smile away. You Australian!!

    kai: :)

    bill: well, yes. Thanks.

    andrew: thanks. I always love your tankas.

  27. donn/h.e.: Pragmatism is what makes me get along when life gets difficult. I leave my dreams, shed the negative thoughts and move forward. I learn from my past but do not dwell on "what ifs" any more. There used to be a time when I did just that.

    As you are aware, I do not conform. I look at things differently.

    I like teasing you too. Doesn't it feel good to be in detention together?

    BTW, thanks for "Rapture of the Deep"..:D

    janie: thanks. I will get to your blog too.

    giggles/sherrie: Thanks.

    trinitystar: I love your blog too. And I am so glad I know you too. Your posts cheer me up when I am down in the dumps.

    ascender: thanks. I always like your art works.

  28. jone: thats ok. You visit after you finish with your poetry month. Initially I had thought of writing a poem a day butit never happened. I admire all of you who are doing that.


    beaman: You know, buddhism is one religion I never studied deeply but many tell me that I am a Buddhist in my thinking. May be I should go study that..

    regina: Sometimes I try to be minimalist.

    rubyslippers: Thanks. I did not think my blog name would be an inspiration for a prompt.

    kristen: thanks.

    bohemian mom: thanks. I am indeed honoured.

    pip: thanks. Hinduism does teach us all religions are equal. Teaches us to be secular.

    tikkis: Glad to see you here after so long. Thanks for saying I inspired you.

    unfolding rose: I understand too well what you are saying. We are always in a hurry and need to be rooted to our minds and bodies. Need to be connected with ourselves. If only we paused to admirethe rose on the way we travel!! Thanks.

    david: I do not understand what you are saying here!!

  29. you have a very lovely name for a blog, and i guess it suits your personality and character very well. your writings give me fresh insight on things in a part of the world i am not familiar with.

  30. It makes perfect sense, Gautami, especially for you.

    You seem very intellectually mobile and adaptable and calm and reasoned...

    As if you're able to uplift your roots and just take yourself to the next place you want to be.

    Strong, consistent, open, alive, grounded...these are all words that come to mind about you.

  31. Very nice. You heighten the awareness that "rooted" doesn't mean in ground or place but in spirit. I love the "hiccup" regarding being "too pragmatic."

  32. i love the short verse. i love the thoughtful meanderings of this post!

  33. I keep finding you your roots go far and deep...and shifting the world's consciousness. I love the idea that my roots are inside me and go with me anywhere I go. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Well why not? I'm a dreamer as well, and it's nice to be one. Continue to dream and fly your dreams!

  35. I love the name of your blog and the thoughts and feelings it conjures up. I also love popping in for a visit, reading your poetry. It's wonderful that you have, at least indirectly, inspired all the entries this week.

    I'm actually thinking of doing a theme-week based on it. Rooted. It's a beautiful word.

  36. "When one is rooted in the mind, one does not need excuses for places, people, religion and culture. In a way, rooted means spirituality for me. Do I make sense?"---

    YES, I understand you very, very well. You make sense to me. I am certain this is true also of me, and how I lived through constant moving and crisis as a kid, but am still a grounded person. You said it well.


  37. You make perfect sense! I love the idea of being home wherever i am. :)

  38. Well done and I wholeheartedly agree :)

  39. Gautami,
    Of course you make sense! Being rooted is a form of stability. We branch out from there to spread our own canopy. You are right it's not about place as much as it is about inner acceptance.

  40. Gautami -- Nice to know such a rooted person. Some of the best people I know are well-rooted! :)

  41. thanks for this insight into your beliefs and the thoughts behind being rooted--I've always been a free soul--moving back and forth across country almost on whims--and I've always been drawn to writers who are rooted in place--you give me hope that I too can be rooted even though I will never have the sense of place that some writers have

  42. "...beliefs that all religions can only teach us something good." Sure about that, Gautami? What about evil done in the name of and on the basis of religious teaching?

  43. Oh yes you make absolute sense and more! Keep writing ! Its such a refreshingly interesting take that you have on life and humanity !

  44. Gautami, you are a wonderful, intelligent, pleasant, nice, rooted person and you always make me smile. Thank you.

  45. Your post makes perfect sense. Well done!

  46. paris/tara: thanks.

    dsnake1: Thanks. Actually Hinduism gives me fresh insights into spirituality.

    within without: Now now, that was very complimentary of you. What else can I say other than thanks?

    nutter: "Too pragmatic" is not good either. Hence the hiccup.

    tricia: thanks. Welcome to my blog.

    marie: You find me becos I make it point to go. We are all here to support each other.

    lyndonmaxewell: I am a dreamer with feet firmly grounded!

    amber: I loved your post. Very touching and beautiful. You are rooted. You just are not aware of it.

    waspgoddess: thanks. I like your comments as you sometimes giveme insights into myself.

    mardougrll: Thanks. I found your post hilarious.

    tammy: thanks. Your post was touching.

    rel: Yes, it is in the mind. We can feel rootless in a place we have lived all our lives and have sudden roots for a place which is hitherto unknown.

    kg: thanks.

    sage: not all writers are rooted to one spot. They move around.Your writing gives us insights into the places you travel and people you meet.

    ish: I did say that it is for us how we interpret religion. It ain't bad.

    kavi: thanks.

    ces: thanks. I think you are biased..:D

    tinker: thanks! Your post has beautiful pictures.

  47. I once read a poem about mangoes and it said among other things that the fruit had

    "juice as generous as laughter"

    You too seem just as generous and just as refreshing. Blessings on you Gautami

  48. rooted in the mind = en route to anywhere :)

  49. For me, rooted does not mean that I have to be at one place in order to have a sense of belonging. It can be anywhere and in anyway. It is all within the mind and not just any mundane place.

    I think that you make alot of sense! Tthanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for being the root of the prompt!!

  50. you make perfect sense! great blog- Wish I would have been around to write on this topic. :)