Friday, 22 December 2006

Nothing really!

I seldom write about my work. That's becos I want to keep it away from my own time here. Today too I will just mention it in the offing here. After I got back from Bangalore, I received 423 answer-sheets to evaluate in three days. Looking at those papers made me almost insane! Literally keeping the midnight oil burning, I finished the job at 2.30 am today.

The festive spirit had not seeped through me. Oh, I had a great time in Bangalore but back in Delhi, it was a rude shock. Some one had goofed up at some level and I landed up with 400+ answer sheets. I could have refused but the second terminal results had to be out by today and someone had to do it. I am never the one to back out of it however unpleasant the task might be.

Now going through homo escapeons' and within without's blog, I finally was jolted out of it. Time for me to get a small christmas tree, some decorations and gifts for my nephews and nieces. If I do not do this, they will miss their Santa, namely me. I am looking forward to the weekend to go shopping! It does not matter that I am yet to receive my last three months pay!

Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Gautami:

    Maybe I'm just dense in a global sense, but I wouldn't have thought that Christmas would have been celebrated at all in India.

    If it is -- and that would be fine with me -- I think we need to admit that it is not at all about religion but has become a worldwide, non-religious celebration of peace and joy and warmth.

    What do you think?

  2. I hope that you read my response to your comment. You have been such a great communicator and more than once you have been a voice of reason and moderation for me.
    I love your inquisitiveness and warm hearted approach to problem solving...and especially your inability to suffer fools.
    Here is a HUGE cyber Hug for you...(way bigger than that other guy's hug)

  3. I hope it gets easier! Have a good time shopping. :)

  4. Whew! That's a very long day of work.
    Take Care
    Best Holiday wishes to you and your family!

  5. within without: Now any kind of celebrations gets big bucks. Hence all those festivals are celebrated with a big media hype. Christmas is a big money spinner along with year end celebrations. Even when it was celebrated in India, my dad used to buy us all christmas gifts. So we have kept the tradition alive.

    I feel inculcating the right spirit only helps in strengthening the bonds. I don't believe in religion not even in my own. I believe in humanity. Period.

  6. within without: Thanks! I needed the hugs!

  7. homo escapeons: I had read the comments on your blog but did not know how to respond. Sometimes I do get tongue-tied.

    I can only say that I think a lot differently and hence mis-understood most of the times.Only in my poetry I fully come out.

    I am so glad to know you via the cyber world. Becos I too think that you too have a voice of reason for my sometimes veery emotional poetry.

    Well, yes your hug was HUGE! But what will your misses say..:D

    HUGS to you too.

  8. andrew: thanks. I had a great time shopping. I feel so good after splurging...LOL!

  9. gel: yes it was. I was so tired after that. Thanks. I wish you the same.

  10. may you not have the crowds we have here, when shopping right before Christmas. Enjoy your spluge, sounds like you had a long day.

  11. sorry about the abundance of work and hope you get to enjoy the holidays.
    i will be working during the new year holidays, don't know yet when exactly and for how long...

  12. Gautami:

    HE's hug was bigger only because he's built like a fire hydrant or an oak tree stump.

    Mine last longer.

    Oh...and I agree entirely with what you said about Christmas. In a real sense, it's a great thing.

    It means that it's another global thing that we can all celebrate together.

  13. Gautami, I say no pay, no work!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  14. sage: wishful thinking! India is so populated that you can't avoid crowds anywhere. So it was with the malls yesterday.

    Well yes, I made a neat hole in my pocket splurging.

  15. polona: my hols start from today. School reopens on 2nd Jan, 2007. How I look forward. All I will do is eat, sleep, read and surf the net.Bliss!

  16. within without: Hmmm. I can't be partial. I welcome hugs from both of you. You guys restored my faith in MEN.

    Please excuse me if I get mushy!

  17. pat: I can't do that. How can I stop teaching. The kids have nothing to do with the goof up due to which we haven't got our salary. We will eventually.

  18. Gautami, merry Christmas to you and your family from down under.