Sunday, 10 December 2006

In Bangalore

Landed up here in Bangalore on 8th Night. Our flight was 90 minutes late. I had called up the airlines before proceeding for the airport but they said it was on time. Why can't we get proper info? Good thing I take along books almost everywhere. I wasn't bored. My mom was travelling with me. She gets tired sitting and waiting. I sometimes forget that she is 70+. Travelling is tiring for her despite the fact she is rather active.

We reached 10 minutes past midnight, i.e., 9th Dec! It was my niece's birthday. She was still awake waiting for us. My eldest brother lives in Bangalore with his family. His eldest son is studying in Delhi.

It has been two days and we are here till 17th. I am just savouring the time doing virtually nothing. Break from work, routine and stuff. Going for walks, hitting the malls, drinking endless cups of tea ( I am a tea person!), utter bliss...ah! Coming back to Delhi, I will need to work out harder after all that food I am gorging!

Writing too has taken a backseat. So if I do not come to your blogs to read and comment, you know the reason why. I will catch soon enough, I hope!


  1. I hope the rest of the trip go as well. Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I did the same! :)

  2. Enjoy yourself...
    and have a cuppa tea for me!
    I am a big tea person too..
    why today, I had 7 cups!!!!


  3. Have a cup of tea for me too. Put a little rum in it though. Have a great mind clearing vacation!!

  4. enjoy your vacation!
    looks like we should have a tea party some time :)

  5. andrew: I am glad I was able to get some leave in the middle of the session. Terminal exams in school and I am away from it all. Boy, am I glad!

    margie: Gee, I will have tea for you too. I just need excuses to drink tea.

    pat: will do. I am glad to have friends like you.

    polona: yes! Wish we could!

    keshi: thanks, kid!