Friday, 1 December 2006

Filling the holes with ink

preceding night,
turning the pages
in my mind; filled
with your memories,
i fell asleep with lights on.

with numb fingers,
i tried to pen the holes
that time has made
into your remembrance,
handwritten for me

my ink tried to fill in the
painful distance,
created by your absence.
i could visualize
your glaring eyes

in those pages in the
recesses of my mind,
the words stood out
noted down in margin
of memories which I had

scribbled the night
you disappeared forever,
leaving me alone
with shards of pain
which will never fade.

In memory of a close friend who passed away some years back.


  1. It is so hard missing a friend that is now longer with us!
    I have a childhood friend that died much too young..just 15..
    After years have passed I still miss her very much!

    Your poem is touching and also sad!
    I most defintely relate to it!


  2. It is hard to lose a friend. I hope that being able to write the poem was cathartic in some way. Your poem is poignant and touching, I feel the sadness in your writing.

  3. Poignant from your title through to the end. Nothing will ever fill the holes of sadness, but I hope remembering your friend will bring you peace in time. WRiting this was an act of love and I hope a release for you. (Don't you wish "Time didn't take so long?)

  4. sorry about your loss. some holes never fill... this is a moving tribute to your friend...

  5. Gautami, my current post is a poetry meme, would love your thoughts when you have the time, thanks!

  6. Gautami, beautifully moving. Poetry is how we express all aspects, good and bad, of our lifes.

  7. It was my first day at school. I had just changed my school. I was feeling so lost and alone. I was 10 years old. She too was standing all alone. We looked at each and became friends.

    Sharing seats, lunch and girly talks for 6 years. She passed away due to a short illness. She was only 16. So was I. It has been more than 20 years but the pain is still there. I miss her.

    The poem is one way of showing my love for her which is still very much there.

    Yes, I have moved on but she is not there to share life with me..

    Thanks for understanding my pain...

  8. I was about 16 too when a buddy of mine named Lee, working for our Highways Department, got struck down by lightning while holding up a stop sign.

    I was a pall-bearer at the funeral. It was my first personal experience with death.

    I wasn't as close to him as it sounds like you were to this friend, whose death you lament.

    Thanks for sharing this. She is/was lucky to have a friend such as you who still holds her dear.

  9. Challenging. You force me to slow down to savour the words and I'm not used to it. But it's totally worth it.

  10. sad, but beautiful --- so many things are that way.

  11. This is a touching tribute to your friendship. I hope the writing of it helped to soothe you a little.

    Thanks for stopping by to read, comment and link.

  12. aww HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Gautami! Im so sorry to hear abt ur's awful to lose someone u love.

    I was thinking our current posts r so similar...if u read my latest post u may be surprised...maybe it's a msg from ur friend...who knows!

    TC I miss a young friend who left me forever too...

  13. the deadline is now on the 20th gautami!

  14. Thank you all. This has made me feel better. I will always remember her but writing has helped me. I don't feel so sad any more. Hope she is happy wherever she is.

    Keshi, you are right...maybe HE wants us to connect. See me linking you.

  15. Lovely, thank you for this.