Monday, 14 August 2006

Why don't I feel elated?

15th August. Yet another Independence day. It is the 59th one. But why don't I feel any happier? Being in a school, we celebrate all such days. But this year why did I take a leave?

Why didn't I feel any enthusiasm to dress up for the occasion? In schools we celebrate independence day on the 14th Aug by hoisting our tricolour flag, singing patriotic songs etc. This year it fell on a monday after two holidays, followed by two more holidays on 15th Aug and Janmashtami(Lord Krishna's Birthday) on the 16th. Hence two holidays before it and two after it. I took a leave so as to have a five days break. I needed it. Why did I feel so tired and depressed? And morose?

All that I am doing is sleep and read and watch TV. Delhi has become a fort due to all those security measures. There has been threats of terrorists attack on all major landmarks, malls, temples, markets. Where does one go? Why does one feel so insecure in ones own country?

Havn't the terrorists achieved their goal? By keeping us all inside our homes. They have kind of got hold of the whole of the country. For that matter the whole world. At no place one feels free or secure.

To top it all, there has been long power cuts, 8-10 hours. How long does back-up hold? Now they say it will be like this for the next 15 days or so. That too in the capital of India, Delhi.

Is it any surprise that I don't fell happy or anything remotely like that?


  1. I wish you joyous blessings and may the world unite around love.

    Much happiness...


  2. Gautami:

    I think I've told you before I've been to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    I've wondered how all this stuff is affecting India and Delhi.

    We all are feeling its effects, as you said, but because of where you are, I'd imagine it's probably way worse there.

    I sympathize with your feeling of helplessness and sadness as all this crap flies around us.

    I think we're all just inclined to just stay in our homes and stay away from it all.


  3. Thanks don, you always make me feel better!

    Within without: No, you did not mention that fact to me.

    Actually the common man is not as fearful as the govt. They cannot take any risks. So they want us to stay home. It makes their work so much easier.

    Most of us do not want to stay cooped up either. But the problem is the security check-ups. One feels rage and anger. We have to endure endless queues.

    It is like this for a few days though. After 16th Aug, it will be back to normal...Thank GOD!

  4. BTW, within without, I linked your blog to mine. It was long overdue, me thinks!LOL!