Sunday, 27 August 2006


first they said,"it's nine."
all of us said, "ok fine."

then they said,"twelve it is."
we said,"whatever you please."

now they insist it's eight,
deciding demise was its fate.

stripped of its pride of place,
pluto shunted out with disgrace!


I had finished teaching my students about the universe. Then Pluto was declared a non-planet. Very frankly, with all that media hype and most going overboard about its current status, I was simply bored and thought we are being paranoid. But after what one of my student's said, asking me, "what do we write in the ensuing exams, I wrote this. I found her question a valid one. For an eleven year old, its very confusing. Its written from her point of view. At least the first 6 lines. Kids do ask, now what?

I have been asked why did I write after saying, we are getting paranoid about it.
My answer is:

Why can't I write about it too?
Whats/who's really stopping me?

People write about love even without wanting to or hating all the while....


  1. Alankrita, grow up. You are being ignored but you do not get the hint. I can't really blame you after observing your behaviour for some time now. Less said the better about that.

    It is not I we are speaking of. It is you. You couldn't take what I asked?. Did I mention it anywhere there, I was not paranoid about it too? Your assumptions are entirely your own...

    As for as deleting your comments, I will do so with any other comment you come up with. This is my space. I do not want the likes of you invading it.

  2. All the subsequent childish comments by Alankrita, which were more of an insult to me than anything else have been removed.