Thursday, 8 December 2005

Where and how do I write?

When a seed of an idea comes into my mind, I just play around with it in my head. With a stub of a pencil, I put that on a piece of paper in no particular order. I do it sitting amidst my students. Watching them fills me with creativity and only then I can write......

I need endless cups of tea....or just plain hot milk.....

I work on my obsolete PC for the finishing product. Thank GOD for small mercies!


  1. that's really interesting....i've tried the same...but it just doesn't seem to work. the more i work on an idea, the worse it appears to me!!!help??

  2. You try writing it down as soon as it comes into your mind...

    No hard and fast each his own....

  3. hello *grin*ner :-D

    While I have a lot of ideas - take a simple example as writing on my blog, the way I write is just not expressive enough and I am trying to correct that, but since its not my bread & butter I am a little slow at that !

    Whilst I work, I need endless cups of coffee to keep my mind concentrated and I just cannot use an old computer - my job is all about respose :-)

  4. Writing is not my bread and butter either, teaching MATHEMATICS to adolescents is!

    But does that mean I write badly?

    No excuses!

    And my OLD computer is still very functional.....:)


  5. It all works fine in the head, then when it comes to the keyboard, the words get all tangled up, but sometimes the idea is still there. And the harder you try, the more abstract it becomes n the people dont understand it anymore...

  6. i can write faster and smoother using a pc than plain paper and pen. but that limits me in a sense. sometimes i feel like putting down my ideas while away from a pc. they usually never see the light of day.

  7. Ghost Particle and Poison: When I wrote this piece I was kind of talking to myself.....

    Never thought this will have these kinds of reaction.....

    Hey, creativity does not come comes in spurts for some and a few just churn out no matter what...

  8. that's true...some people are just blessed with theory is that those are the ones whose childhood was never stifled....they were allowed to run free....and they're just more observant.big deal.

  9. *grin*

    Is it, dd?

    You should not generalise..:)