Friday, 9 December 2005

Lucky?.....(55 words)

“Ouch.” It just missed being hit.

“It will only take a while.” The voice was disembodied.

“Please, I cannot take it anymore.” Very timidly.

“Just relax.”

All this seemed to come from so faraway.


It had been spared the ordeal of being killed in the womb, as it turned out to be a HE.


  1. Hey.. that was nice.

    Sad that people are so blinded by their stupid ideas that they try to kill someone who is yet to born. When someone kills someone, he is punished hard for that.. why isn't this forced for killing the babies who are treated as uninvited guests?

    This story really makes me angry on those people. Nice theme though.

  2. Good Try... not there yet.
    But your going to make it big some day, somehow I have this feeling. Keep it up and keep documenting, mind it is always a big concern how you started.

  3. Thanks Nayan.

    Girls are being killed in the womb. Becos a boy is coveted and a girl is not. Nothing is going to change. Sad but true.

    j a h: Thanks. I have not thought of publishing. But I am striving to do better.

    Poison: Thats the irony.