Tuesday, 13 December 2005


What is emptiness?
Only a state of mind
thoughts filled in


  1. tried emptying the mind of all thoughts for say 1 minute? its incredible. i guess it will b akin to meditation. i dont know cos i have never been religious..

  2. It's nice to see a blog where the author puts so much thought into the process. Excellent photographs.

  3. BTW, that IS meditation, poison :)

  4. hey gautami !

    you say so little and yet so much at the same time ! - AWESOME !

  5. So short, yet so sweet...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  6. Emptiness is state of illusion that humans fantasize... practically, unless your brain is dead you can never achieve this state. A clear manifestation that humans living in a world of illusions.

    - Gautami Three lines but you have told so much... Excellent. I going to compile your works and preserve.

  7. Thanks Linny!

    Yes Poison that IS meditation!

    Thanks Zap Mama! I just wanted this to be my creative pallete!

    Thanks true blue guy, I am trying to master the art of saying so much in so little!

  8. Thanks ranger tom and still_figuring_out!

    just a human: You have got the gist. As for compiling, better you than me! Thanks!!!!