Saturday, 3 December 2005


“At last.” He thought, waiting for her to check out. He was elated as he was going to see her after 12 years.

Though they had been corresponding for all those years but had had no opportunity to meet. He remembered her as the chubby faced pigtailed teenager.

And she had refused to send her picture, as she hated being photographed. Not even to him, who loved her so much.

Anyways, it did not matter now. She will be there in front of him in a few minutes. He was getting impatient, though.

There she was. He would have recognised her anywhere. She looked just the way he had visualised her.

She looked around and saw him. "Hello," she said shyly.

“My, my, how you have grown! And you look so good,” he replied.

“So do you,” She said, poking her finger into his chest and hugged him close.” I have missed you all these years.”

Hugging her back, he said, “So have I, little sister.”


  1. that's so sad and predictable. what a disappointment.

  2. i was checking the comments of the previous post..hehe so i ended up reading the 'surprise' of this;p

  3. delhi's deviant: you are so predictable...never satisfied with your lot...

    the_ego_has_landed: It is a surprise but deviant does thinks so....but then he is DEVIANT!!!...:))))

  4. i enjoy reading your stort stories. do you plan to compile them into a book for your children? ;)

  5. Ah hmmm,
    Frankly not so impressed by this one... anyways - would be coming back to read more - for sure.

  6. still_figuring_out: I hav'nt thought of compiling my writings into a book or anything yet..:)

    j a h: yup, this did not have the effect I wanted. Still working on it!

    Poison: :) Thanks.

  7. I read the last line first because I wanted to check if it was the same 55 word story I'd read before. That was kind of dumb. It was like pulling the trigger to check if a gun is loaded. :-o But I still liked the story. :)

  8. Thanks f f and t o f u.

    You keep reading, I keep posting!

  9. Hert warmingly sweet... Comforting