Tuesday, 20 December 2005



After one look at him, the child turned towards GOD.

“Oh my God!" Is he my future?”

“Yes, my child, he is.”

“But he looks so wrinkled and queer.”

“Does he?”


“Do not look a t his outer appearances. See what’s beneath it. Learn from him, his wisdom, his worldly experiences, his thoughts about life. Carefully absorb what he tells you. And child, don’t you see the love in his eyes?

“Yes, I can.”

“Enjoy and savour that. He is the only one who will love you unconditionally, without any reservations. He will pamper you and indulge you…….”


“Yes, my child, after you get to know him, you will love him and want to be just like him.”

“Thank you GOD. For making me see light.”

“Bless you my child.”

God disappeared leaving the child and his grandparent alone together.
Grand Parent's Yearnings/Blessings!

In you, I see a part of me
You, I bless with all my heart

How I wish to be as innocent as you
How I wish to be as young as you
How I wish to be as sweet as you
How I wish to have more time with you

How I wish to be part of your life
How I wish to watch you grow
How I wish you teach you all about life
How I wish just to be with you

Go ahead and see the world
Learn to live and learn to love
Do not grab but only give
Remember what goes round comes around

What you sow is what you reap
What you give is what you get
Remember this diktat, my child
Love is what makes the world go about

Give unconditionally and watch the fun
No more hatred, killing none.
This is what I can teach.
Before I go, before I sleep.

But now my day has come
I have to go, have to leave
HE has plans for me unknown
Smile for me and let me go!


  1. An awesome post...enjoyed every line. And oh yes, the pic is amazing as well.


  2. Extremely Touching. Extremely Moving. I mean it.

    Best Wishes

  3. Gautami is back!!!!! Yeah, I mean this is good stuff...

  4. Hey Manoj, Welcome buddy!! I have missed you!

    Thank you.

    V Murthy: Thanks!

    just a human: She was never gone! Thanks. *grin*

  5. A good picture. It conveys a lot many things than what the words could do. Congrats for the post.

  6. Somehow I get this feeling you are constrained by your impulse to rhyme...may you should experimenting without it?