Friday, 22 July 2005

The other side

There is so much truth in the saying “what goes around comes around.” Never was it true as it is now for my life!!

I have been educated in one of the famous all girls in Delhi. I was a fairly good student. Though not exactly the teachers pet. Never could be! I was one of those students who could never sit still and always asking questions. At times disrupting the class. My hand was up even before our teacher asked any questions. I was scolded most of the times for my antics but it did not affect me at all. But I was never rude, not at that stage! My dad was not aware of my doings till I was in the 12th STD!

I did very well in my 10th board. Was forced to take up science. Wish I had not done so well! I had wanted to take up humanities but dad insisted I take science! So here I was studying Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and English. I was only interested in my English and Mathematics classes! (Now I am thankful to my dad though. I am deeply interested in the Physical sciences!)

To cut a long story short, we had a very boring Physics teacher. He used to talk nonsense and never encouraged any questions in class. Pretty difficult for me. I found a perfect solution.

Right in front of him, I used to take out a Mills and Boon romance and my lunch box. So here I was busy reading and munching my food nonchalantly! For a few days I did not get caught but for how long? When he did see me, I was thrown out of my class. My dad was called. He couldn’t believe I could do this. Needless to say, my dad was angry with me. He stopped talking to me for a couple of weeks. I was not sorry for what I had done but I sure did not like my dad going silent on me! Very painful 15 days. But he came around eventually.

But did I change? No. Only thing, I became a backbencher and got on with my novels and food! But in retrospect I think my teacher let my by.

Now that I am a teacher, it has come a full circle! I have to deal with precocious kids, though not bad as I was.

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