Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Not So Short Poems

Girl in the rain

Waiting by the tree
In the pouring rain
Saw her finally come to me
Walking along the terrain

Water streaming from her hair
Visage shimmering in the rain
Attitude of not a care
Oh! Wasn’t she vain?

Craving for the sea

Roaring, frothing wild sea
Oh! How beckoning to me
Rising, swirling waves
Make my heart crave
Sailing in there forever
And come out? No, ever!
Wishing the sea to be my watery grave
It’s the only thought I save

Life and Death

At her birth, smiles around
And she was crying her heart out
Smiling now, heavenward she is set
Those around her have their eyes wet

Lost innocence

Lightly on the eyes and lips
And on all the other senses
Feeling and touching so sweet
No regrets for lost innocence

Conquering the world

Visible the world to us
That was indiscernible
Tangible the world to us
That was intangible
Know the world we do,
Which was unknowable
Understand the world we do
Which was inapprehensible
Conquer the world we have
Which was unconquerable


Saw you sitting on the sidewalk
Something drew me, made me talk
In no time we were friends
Unknowingly we held hands
Wistfully you touched my hair
I looked into your eyes without care
Embracing and kissing
Did not see the world passing
It went on for a while
Felt as if the heavens smiled
Suddenly you walked away
Shattering my dreams
And in the process smashed
My heart to smithereens

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